Burning Tours to Croatia

The Republic of Croatia is located on the Balkan Peninsula, in the southern part of Central Europe. Tourists have the popularity of the island of Croatia and the Adriatic coast of the country. In the summer, the warmer is only on the coast, the temperature reaches 30 degrees, in the central part due to the presence of the mountains a little more. The coastal strip of the horizontal, with a multitude of bays. Beaches are mainly artificial concrete platforms, plateau or natural stone. The best are small beaches on the island of Brac. There are sandy beaches, on the islands in the Dubrovnik area. In umbrellas there is no need, a magnificent pine grows at a distance of three or four meters from the coastline. These places are especially attractive to rest with children.
A bus international message is very well developed in Croatia, so burning tours to Croatia can be purchased as a bus tour. Of course, airplanes fly to Croatia, the airport is located in the capital of the country in the city of Zagreb. Croatia offers an interesting excursion program. The architectural buildings started back in the X century will undoubtedly attract the attention of tourists.
Croatia is famous for their well-equipped medical complexes, because in the territory of this country there are more than fifteen therapeutic mud deposits, more than twenty thermal sources. Balneokurorts located right on sources in Croatian Zagorne, seaside resorts with thermal waters and medicinal mud.
Burning tours in Croatia is not only a treatment, but also a wonderful rest. Sanatoriums of Croatia are well equipped for recreation and sports. Various pools, open and closed, tennis courts, basketball and soccer sites, walking alleys. Seven national parks are located on the territory of Croatia. Excursions for reserves are caves, beautiful lakes, and, of course, on the way, tasting local cheese, honey, drinks. Tourists from all over Europe come to Plitvice Lakes. This is a unique cascade of sixteen lakes, interconnected by numerous waterfalls. The picturesque resort of Istria, with its medieval towns located on the hills, reminds of Italian Tuscany.
As for the kitchen, the coastal zone predominate dishes from fish and seafood, however, and meat is not neglected here. A special taste here has smoked ham with dry cheese, or lamb with sour shearing milk. It is worth trying homemade draft wine, brandy or a variety of Rakia, infused on herbs.
Beautiful lace of Dolmatsky Islands can be brought as a souvenir, products from wool and skin, tapestries. You can even buy the products of their corals, but independent coral mining is categorically prohibited.
Burning tours to Croatia is a fascinating trip to the country where there is something to see where there is no exhausting heat, fresh Mediterranean air and beautiful nature. Very green territory of hotels and quite democratic prices, against the background of prices of other European countries. kiev.natashaescort.com