How to write a resume

Are there certain standards for writing a resume

Writing a resume means including the following items: purpose, education, work experience, professional skills, awards and community service, personal information, references. Under no circumstances should you conduct resume writing by hand or use a dot matrix printer. If you type, do it with two spacing. It is better if you fit the text on one, maximum two pages of A4 size. It is better to use white paper of good quality. All sheets of text should be spotless clean, for this it is better to put them in a special transparent pocket. It is better to deliver your resume in person or, in extreme cases, by fax than to use e-mail. There are three basic types of resumes. Each form of resume below has a right to life:

  • Chronological
  • Functional
  • Combined

First and Last Names

When writing your resume, put your first and last name in bold or large print. Keep in mind that employers do not need to look through too many pages to find the candidate's name. To write a good resume is to put the first name first and then the last name. You don't need to put your middle name unless you are a professor or an academic.


For many people, this is the most difficult thing about writing online resume writer services. Many university graduates apply for many jobs at once, not wanting to limit themselves, and do not specify a goal at all or write something like "I want to get a promising position in a fast-growing international company. If it's important for you to get your resume right, don't forget that the goal shouldn't be too vague and general. Specifying the specific position (or two) for which you are applying saves the employer a lot of time and effort. Often there are several jobs advertised at once, and the hiring manager has no time to guess which position you are applying for. Here are some examples of career goals. Of course, these are only samples, in each case you should specify individual goals when writing your resume:

  • Develop a new area of a furniture manufacturing and sales company - office furniture and equipment.
  • To establish a distribution network for a furniture manufacturing and sales company.
  • Obtain a financial analyst position with a large manufacturing organization.
  • Obtain a position as a technical consultant. Particularly interested in preparing magazine articles, editing and analyzing technical information and technical training materials.
  • Obtain a position as a public relations assistant, including publications, preparing press releases, photos, and digests.
  • Obtain a position with a children's and women's social service program.
  • It's better to prepare a resume specifically for each individual case, rather than sending out multiple copies multiplied everywhere.