State Legislators Who Support the Hobby

State Legislators Who Support the Automotive Hobby, Leadership Caucus, SEMA Action Network

State legislators around the country with a common goal to support the motor vehicle hobby have joined the State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus.  The Caucus is a nonpartisan group of state lawmakers whose common thread is a love and appreciation for automobiles.  The Caucus will help raise the motor vehicle hobby’s profile in the state legislatures and in the eyes of the public. 

Working in state capitals, many of these legislators have sought to preserve and protect the hobby by seeking the amendment of existing motor vehicle statutes and creating new programs to safeguard and expand the hobby.  Over the past several years, their work has brought a series of significant legislative accomplishments for the vehicle enthusiast community on issues ranging from equipment standards to registration classifications, and from emissions test exemptions to hobbyist rights.

By joining the Caucus, these legislators have demonstrated their commitment to upholding the rights of vehicle enthusiasts.  In addition, hobbyists will be able to quickly identify which state legislators have chosen to be recognized for their support of this great American hobby.

State Automotive Enthusiast Leadership Caucus

Delegate Kevin Hornberger (Maryland)

Chairman Emeritus
Delegate Gary Howell (West Virginia)

Alabama Rep. Jim Carns (R-AL-48)
Alabama Rep. Laura Hall (D-AL-19)
Alabama Rep. Arnold Mooney II (R-AL-43)
Alabama Rep. Chris Sells (R-AL-90)
Alabama Rep. Margie Wilcox (R-AL-104)
Alabama Rep. Debbie Wood (R-AL-38)
Alabama Rep. Randy Wood (R-AL-36)
Alabama Sen. Steve Livingston (R-AL-8)
Alaska Rep. DeLena Johnson (R-AK-11)
Alaska Rep. Andy Josephson (D-AK-17)
Alaska Sen. Shelley Hughes (R-AK-F)
Alaska Sen. Donny Olson (D-AK-T)
Alaska Sen. David Wilson (R-AK-D)
Arizona Rep. Frank Carroll (R-AZ-22)
Arizona Rep. Steve Kaiser (R-AZ-15)
Arizona Sen. Lela Alston (D-AZ-24)
Arizona Sen. Paul D. Boyer (R-AZ-20)
Arizona Sen. David Livingston (R-AZ-22)
Arkansas Rep. Rick Beck (R-AR-65)
Arkansas Rep. Mary Elizabeth Bentley (R-AR-73)
Arkansas Rep. Karilyn Brown (R-AR-41)
Arkansas Rep. Cameron Cooper (R-AR-44)
Arkansas Rep. Bruce Cozart (R-AR-24)
Arkansas Rep. Les Eaves (R-AR-46)
Arkansas Rep. Charlene Fite (R-AR-80)
Arkansas Rep. Denise Garner (D-AR-84)
Arkansas Rep. Justin Gonzales (R-AR-19)
Arkansas Rep. Ron McNair (R-AR-98)
Arkansas Rep. Danny Watson (R-AR-3)
Arkansas Rep. David Whitaker (D-AR-85)
Arkansas Sen. Alan Clark (R-AR-13)
Arkansas Sen. Jane English (R-AR-34)
Arkansas Sen. Mark Johnson (R-AR-15)
California Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath (D-CA-76)
California Assemblymember Phillip Chen (R-CA-55)
California Assemblymember Vince Fong (R-CA-34)
California Assemblymember Tim Grayson (D-CA-14)
California Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer Sr. (D-CA-59)
California Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi (D-CA-66)
California Assemblymember Marie Waldron (R-CA-75)
California Sen. Brian Jones (R-CA-38)
Colorado Rep. Daneya Esgar (D-CO-46)
Colorado Rep. Junie Joseph (D-CO-10)
Colorado Rep. Hugh McKean (R-CO-51)
Colorado Rep. Naquetta Ricks (D-CO-40)
Colorado Rep. Kevin Van Winkle (R-CO-43)
Colorado Sen. Rhonda Fields (D-CO-29)
Colorado Sen. Brittany Louise Pettersen (D-CO-22)
Colorado Sen. Cleave Simpson Jr. (R-CO-35)
Connecticut Rep. Mitch Bolinsky (R-CT-106)
Connecticut Rep. Ben McGorty (R-CT-122)
Connecticut Rep. Anthony Nolan (D-CT-39)
Connecticut Rep. Michael Quinn (D-CT-82)
Connecticut Rep. Kevin Ryan (D-CT-139)
Connecticut Rep. Jonathan Steinberg (D-CT-136)
Connecticut Rep. Edwin Vargas Jr. (D-CT-6)
Connecticut Rep. Toni Edmonds Walker (D-CT-93)
Connecticut Rep. Tami Zawistowski (R-CT-61)
Connecticut Sen. Eric C. Berthel (R-CT-32)
Connecticut Sen. John W. Fonfara (D-CT-1)
Connecticut Sen. Robert C. Sampson (R-CT-16)
Florida Rep. Colleen Burton (R-FL-40)
Florida Rep. Kevin Chambliss Sr. (D-FL-117)
Florida Rep. Chuck Clemons Sr. (R-FL-21)
Florida Rep. Chip LaMarca (R-FL-93)
Florida Rep. Toby Overdorf (R-FL-83)
Florida Rep. Bob Rommel (R-FL-106)
Florida Rep. Rita Harris (D-FL-44)
Florida Sen. Joe Gruters (R-FL-23)
Florida Sen. Darryl Ervin Rouson (D-FL-19)
Florida Sen. Tommy Wright (R-FL-14)
Georgia Rep. Victor Anderson (R-GA-10)
Georgia Rep. Patty Bentley (D-GA-139)
Georgia Rep. Roger Bruce (D-GA-61)
Georgia Rep. Rhonda Burnough (D-GA-77)
Georgia Rep. John K. Carson Jr. (R-GA-46)
Georgia Rep. Katie M. Dempsey (R-GA-13)
Georgia Rep. Matthew Gambill (R-GA-15)
Georgia Rep. Joseph Gullett (R-GA-19)
Georgia Rep. El-Mahdi Holly (D-GA-111)
Georgia Rep. Carolyn F. Hugley (D-GA-136)
Georgia Rep. Rick Jasperse (R-GA-11)
Georgia Rep. Mesha Mainor (D-GA-56)
Georgia Rep. Pete Marin (D-GA-96)
Georgia Rep. Billy Mitchell (D-GA-88)
Georgia Rep. Martin Momtahan (R-GA-17)
Georgia Rep. Alan Powell (R-GA-32)
Georgia Rep. Jason Ridley (R-GA-6)
Georgia Rep. Steve Tarvin (R-GA-2)
Georgia Rep. Brad Thomas (R-GA-21)
Georgia Rep. Rick Williams (R-GA-145)
Georgia Sen. John Albers (R-GA-56)
Georgia Sen. Mike Dugan (R-GA-30)
Georgia Sen. Chuck Hufstetler (R-GA-52)
Georgia Sen. Emanuel Jones (D-GA-10)
Georgia Sen. John Kennedy (R-GA-18)
Hawaii Rep. Henry Aquino (D-HI-38)
Hawaii Rep. Angus McKelvey (D-HI-10)
Hawaii Rep. John Mizuno (D-HI-28)
Hawaii Rep. Mark Nakashima (D-HI-1)
Hawaii Sen. Michelle Kidani (D-HI-18)
Idaho Sen. Rick Just (D-ID-15)
Idaho Rep. Joe A. Palmer (R-ID-20)
Illinois Rep. Carol Ammons (D-IL-103)
Illinois Rep. Tim Butler (R-IL-87)
Illinois Rep. David Friess (R-IL-116)
Illinois Rep. Edgar Gonzalez Jr. (D-IL-21)
Illinois Rep. Sonya Harper (D-IL-6)
Illinois Rep. Rita Mayfield (D-IL-60)
Illinois Rep. Michelle Mussman (D-IL-56)
Illinois Rep. Dave Severin (R-IL-117)
Illinois Rep. Joe Sosnowski (R-IL-69)
Illinois Rep. Dan Swanson (R-IL-74)
Illinois Sen. Omar Aquino (D-IL-2)
Illinois Sen. Cristina Castro (D-IL-22)
Illinois Sen. Dale Fowler (R-IL-59)
Illinois Sen. Suzy Glowiak Hilton (D-IL-24)
Illinois Sen. Rob Martwick Jr. (D-IL-10)
Illinois Sen. Craig Wilcox (R-IL-32)
Indiana Rep. John Bartlett (D-IN-95)
Indiana Rep. Doug Miller (R-IN-48)
Indiana Rep. Sharon Negele (R-IN-13)
Indiana Sen. Vaneta Becker (R-IN-50)
Indiana Sen. Mike Bohacek (R-IN-8)
Indiana Sen. Jim Buck (R-IN-21)
Indiana Sen. Stacey Donato (R-IN-18)
Indiana Sen. Aaron Freeman (R-IN-32)
Indiana Sen. Travis Holdman (R-IN-19)
Indiana Sen. Jim Tomes (R-IN-49)
Iowa Rep. Dave Deyoe (R-IA-49)
Iowa Rep. Steven Holt (R-IA-18)
Iowa Rep. Bob M. Kressig (D-IA-59)
Iowa Rep. Henry Stone (R-IA-7)
Iowa Sen. Waylon Brown (R-IA-26)
Iowa Sen. Adrian Dickey (R-IA-41)
Iowa Sen. Amy Sinclair (R-IA-14)
Iowa Sen. Cherielynn Westrich (R-IA-13)
Kansas Rep. Mike Amyx (D-KS-45)
Kansas Rep. John Carmichael (D-KS-92)
Kansas Rep. Leo Delperdang (R-KS-94)
Kansas Rep. Nick Hoheisel (R-KS-97)
Kansas Rep. Steve Howe (R-KS-71)
Kansas Rep. Lance Neelly (R-KS-42)
Kansas Rep. Stephen Owens (R-KS-74)
Kansas Rep. Samantha Poetter (R-KS-6)
Kansas Rep. Mari-Lynn Poskin (D-KS-20)
Kansas Rep. Tom Sawyer (D-KS-95)
Kansas Rep. Joe Seiwert (R-KS-101)
Kansas Rep. Bill Sutton (R-KS-43)
Kansas Rep. Sean Tarwater Sr. (R-KS-27)
Kansas Rep. Troy Waymaster (R-KS-109)
Kansas Sen. Rick Billinger (R-KS-40)
Kansas Sen. Elaine Bowers (R-KS-36)
Kansas Sen. Richard Hilderbrand (R-KS-13)
Kansas Sen. Jeff Longbine (R-KS-17)
Kansas Sen. Robert Olson (R-KS-23)
Kansas Sen. Mike Petersen (R-KS-28)
Kentucky Rep. Chad Aull (D-KY-79)
Kentucky Rep. Kim Banta (R-KY-63)
Kentucky Rep. Randy Bridges (R-KY-3)
Kentucky Rep. Beverly Chester-Burton (D-KY-44)
Kentucky Rep. Al Gentry (D-KY-46)
Kentucky Rep. Matt Lockett (R-KY-39)
Kentucky Rep. Bobby McCool (R-KY-97)
Kentucky Rep. Michael Meredith (R-KY-19)
Kentucky Rep. Ruth Palumbo (D-KY-76)
Kentucky Rep. Rachel Roberts (D-KY-67)
Kentucky Sen. Jared Carpenter (R-KY-34)
Kentucky Sen. Robin L. Webb (D-KY-18)
Kentucky Sen. Mike Wilson (R-KY-32)
Louisiana Rep. Beryl Amedee (R-LA-51)
Louisiana Rep. Jonathan Goudeau Sr. (R-LA-31)
Louisiana Rep. Pete Huval (R-LA-46)
Louisiana Rep. Barry Ivey (R-LA-65)
Louisiana Sen. Barrow Peacock (R-LA-37)
Louisiana Sen. Francis Thompson (D-LA-34)
Maine Rep. Steven D. Foster (R-ME-104)
Maine Rep. Shelley Rudnicki (R-ME-108)
Maine Sen. Joe Baldacci (D-ME-9)
Maine Sen. Matthew G. Pouliot (R-ME-15)
Maine Sen. Jeffrey L. Timberlake (R-ME-22)
Maryland Del. Lauren Arikan (R-MD-7)
Maryland Del. Michele Guyton (D-MD-42B)
Maryland Del. Kevin B. Hornberger (R-MD-35A)
Maryland Del. Ken Kerr (D-MD-3)
Maryland Del. Johnny Mautz (R-MD-37B)
Maryland Del. Mike McKay (R-MD-1C)
Maryland Del. Matt Morgan (R-MD-29A)
Maryland Del. Charles James Otto (R-MD-38A)
Maryland Del. Teresa E. Reilly (R-MD-35B)
Maryland Del. Kirill Reznik (D-MD-39)
Maryland Del. April R. Rose (R-MD-5)
Maryland Del. Kathy Szeliga (R-MD-7)
Maryland Del. Karen Lewis Young (D-MD-3A)
Maryland Sen. Katherine A. Klausmeier (D-MD-8)
Maryland Sen. Ben Kramer (D-MD-19)
Maryland Sen. Justin D. Ready (R-MD-5)
Maryland Sen. Jeff Waldstreicher (D-MD-18)
Massachusetts Rep. Jay Barrows (R-MA-Bristol-3-01)
Massachusetts Rep. Donnie Berthiaume Jr. (R-MA-Worcester-12-05)
Massachusetts Rep. Josh Cutler (D-MA-Plymouth-10-06)
Massachusetts Rep. Angelo D'Emilia (R-MA-Plymouth-10-08)
Massachusetts Rep. Jim Hawkins (D-MA-Bristol-3-02)
Massachusetts Rep. Natalie Higgins (D-MA-Worcester-12-04)
Massachusetts Rep. Steven Howitt (R-MA-Bristol-3-04)
Massachusetts Rep. Paul Mark (D-MA-Berkshire-2-02)
Massachusetts Rep. Matt Muratore (R-MA-Plymouth-10-01)
Massachusetts Rep. James Murphy (D-MA-Norfolk-9-04)
Massachusetts Rep. Norm Orrall (R-MA-Bristol-3-12)
Massachusetts Rep. Susannah Whipps (O-MA-Franklin-5-02)
Massachusetts Sen. Anne Gobi (D-MA-Worcester Hampden Hampshire Middlesex-24-00)
Massachusetts Sen. Mike Moore (D-MA-Worcester-23-02)
Michigan Rep. Kevin Hertel (D-MI-18)
Michigan Rep. Stephanie Young (D-MI-8)
Michigan Sen. Jim Runestad (R-MI-15)
Michigan Sen. Dale Zorn (R-MI-17)
Minnesota Rep. Paul Anderson (R-MN-12B)
Minnesota Rep. Jeff Backer Jr. (R-MN-12A)
Minnesota Rep. Cal Bahr (R-MN-31B)
Minnesota Rep. Kurt Daudt (R-MN-31A)
Minnesota Rep. Pat Garofalo (R-MN-58B)
Minnesota Rep. Rick Hansen (D-MN-52A)
Minnesota Rep. Melissa Hortman (D-MN-36B)
Minnesota Rep. Brian Johnson (R-MN-32A)
Minnesota Rep. Jon Koznick (R-MN-58A)
Minnesota Rep. Joe McDonald (R-MN-29A)
Minnesota Rep. Duane Quam (R-MN-25A)
Minnesota Rep. Ruth Richardson (R-MN-52B)
Minnesota Rep. Nolan West (R-MN-37B)
Minnesota Sen. Jim Abeler Jr. (R-MN-35)
Minnesota Sen. Jim Carlson (D-MN-51)
Minnesota Sen. Justin Eichorn (R-MN-5)
Minnesota Sen. Jeff Howe (R-MN-13)
Minnesota Sen. Carla Jean Nelson (R-MN-26)
Mississippi Rep. Tracy Arnold (R-MS-3)
Mississippi Rep. Manly George Barton (R-MS-109)
Mississippi Rep. Richard B. Bennett (R-MS-120)
Mississippi Rep. Randy P. Boyd (R-MS-19)
Mississippi Rep. Chris Brown (R-MS-20)
Mississippi Rep. Larry Byrd (R-MS-104)
Mississippi Rep. Becky Currie (R-MS-92)
Mississippi Rep. Philip Gunn (R-MS-56)
Mississippi Rep. Lataisha Jackson (D-MS-11)
Mississippi Rep. Vince Mangold (R-MS-53)
Mississippi Rep. Ken Morgan (R-MS-100)
Mississippi Sen. Juan Barnett (D-MS-34)
Mississippi Sen. Kevin Edward Blackwell (R-MS-19)
Mississippi Sen. Scott DeLano (R-MS-50)
Mississippi Sen. Hillman Frazier (D-MS-27)
Mississippi Sen. Rita Potts Parks (R-MS-4)
Mississippi Sen. Chuck Younger (R-MS-17)
Missouri Rep. Gretchen Bangert (D-MO-69)
Missouri Rep. Richard Brown (D-MO-27)
Missouri Rep. Tracy McCreery (D-MO-88)
Missouri Rep. Holly Rehder (R-MO-148)
Missouri Rep. Robert Sauls (D-MO-21)
Missouri Rep. Richard West (R-MO-63)
Missouri Sen. Mike Cierpiot (R-MO-8)
Montana Rep. Fred Anderson (R-MT-20)
Montana Rep. Larry Brewster (R-MT-44)
Montana Rep. Steven Galloway (R-MT-24)
Montana Rep. Steve Gunderson (R-MT-1)
Montana Rep. Casey Knudsen (R-MT-33)
Montana Rep. Ryan Lynch (D-MT-76)
Montana Rep. Wendy McKamey (R-MT-19)
Montana Rep. Barry Usher (R-MT-40)
Montana Rep. Jonathan Windy Boy (D-MT-32)
Montana Rep. Daniel Zolnikov (R-MT-45)
Montana Sen. Jill Cohenour (D-MT-42)
Montana Sen. Mike Cuffe (R-MT-1)
Montana Sen. Jason W. Ellsworth (R-MT-43)
Montana Sen. Frank Smith (D-MT-16)
Nebraska Sen. John Lowe Sr. (N-NE-37)
Nevada Assemblymember Ken Gray (R-NV-39)
Nevada Assemblymember Lisa Krasner (R-NV-26)
Nevada Sen. Pat Spearman (D-NV-1)
New Hampshire Rep. Lino Avellani (R-NH-14 (CA5))
New Hampshire Rep. Ross Berry (R-NH-101 (HI44))
New Hampshire Rep. Linda DiSilvestro (D-NH-66 (HI9))
New Hampshire Rep. Fred Doucette (R-NH-139 (RO8))
New Hampshire Rep. Daniel Adams Eaton (D-NH-20 (CH3))
New Hampshire Rep. Carol M. McGuire (R-NH-131 (ME29))
New Hampshire Rep. Russ Muirhead (D-NH-52 (GR12))
New Hampshire Rep. Sherman A. Packard (R-NH-136 (RO5))
New Hampshire Rep. Joseph A. Pitre (R-NH-170 (ST2))
New Hampshire Rep. Tom Ploszaj (R-NH-1 (BE1))
New Hampshire Rep. Andrew Prout (R-NH-94 (HI37))
New Hampshire Rep. Terry Roy (R-NH-163 (RO32))
New Hampshire Rep. Laurie Sanborn (R-NH-98 (HI41))
New Hampshire Rep. Steven Smith (R-NH-204 (SU11))
New Hampshire Rep. Jordan G. Ulery (R-NH-94 (HI37))
New Hampshire Rep. Scott Wallace (R-NH-143 (RO12))
New Hampshire Rep. Kenneth L. Weyler (R-NH-144 (RO13))
New Jersey Assemblymember Tom Giblin (D-NJ-34)
New Jersey Assemblymember Angela V. McKnight (D-NJ-31)
New Jersey Assemblymember Erik Peterson (R-NJ-23)
New Jersey Assemblymember Kevin J. Rooney (R-NJ-40)
New Jersey Assemblymember Holly Schepisi (R-NJ-39)
New Jersey Assemblymember Parker Space (R-NJ-24)
New Jersey Assemblymember Shavonda Sumter (D-NJ-35)
New Jersey Assemblymember Ned Thomson (R-NJ-30)
New Jersey Assemblymember Hal Wirths (R-NJ-24)
New Jersey Sen. Joe Lagana (D-NJ-38)
New Mexico Rep. Gail Armstrong (R-NM-49)
New Mexico Rep. Candy Spence Ezzell (R-NM-58)
New Mexico Rep. Joanne J. Ferrary (D-NM-37)
New Mexico Rep. Dayan Hochman (D-NM-15)
New Mexico Rep. Ryan Lane (R-NM-3)
New Mexico Rep. Bill Rehm (R-NM-31)
New Mexico Rep. Liz Thomson (D-NM-24)
New Mexico Rep. Christine Trujillo (D-NM-25)
New Mexico Sen. Bill Tallman (D-NM-18)
New York Assemblymember Will Barclay (R-NY-120)
New York Assemblymember Joe DeStefano (R-NY-3)
New York Assemblymember Mike Fitzpatrick (R-NY-8)
New York Assemblymember Joe Giglio (R-NY-148)
New York Assemblymember Andy Goodell (R-NY-150)
New York Assemblymember Steve Hawley (R-NY-139)
New York Assemblymember Donna Lupardo (D-NY-123)
New York Assemblymember Brian Manktelow (R-NY-130)
New York Assemblymember Dave McDonough (R-NY-14)
New York Assemblymember Phil Palmesano (R-NY-132)
New York Assemblymember Crystal Peoples-Stokes (D-NY-141)
New York Assemblymember Ed Ra (R-NY-19)
New York Assemblymember Angelo Santabarbara (D-NY-111)
New York Sen. Leroy Comrie Jr. (D-NY-14)
New York Sen. Tom O'Mara (R-NY-58)
North Carolina Rep. Kelly Alexander Jr. (D-NC-107)
North Carolina Rep. Amber Baker (D-NC-72)
North Carolina Rep. Becky Carney (D-NC-102)
North Carolina Rep. George Cleveland (R-NC-14)
North Carolina Rep. Rosa Underwood Gill (D-NC-33)
North Carolina Rep. Kelly Hastings (R-NC-110)
North Carolina Rep. Julia Craven Howard (R-NC-77)
North Carolina Rep. Frank Iler Jr. (R-NC-17)
North Carolina Rep. Tim Moore (R-NC-111)
North Carolina Rep. Jason Ray Saine (R-NC-97)
North Carolina Rep. Mitchell Setzer (R-NC-89)
North Carolina Rep. Donna McDowell White (R-NC-26)
North Carolina Sen. Joyce Krawiec (R-NC-31)
North Carolina Sen. Mike Woodard (D-NC-22)
North Dakota Rep. Dick Anderson (R-ND-6)
North Dakota Rep. Craig Headland (R-ND-29)
North Dakota Rep. Patrick D. Heinert (R-ND-32)
North Dakota Rep. Lawrence R. Klemin (R-ND-47)
North Dakota Rep. David Monson (R-ND-10)
North Dakota Rep. Jon O. Nelson (R-ND-14)
North Dakota Rep. Dan Ruby (R-ND-38)
North Dakota Rep. Matt Ruby (R-ND-40)
North Dakota Rep. Robin Weisz (R-ND-14)
North Dakota Sen. Dick Dever (R-ND-32)
North Dakota Sen. Judy Lee (R-ND-13)
North Dakota Sen. Tim Mathern (D-ND-11)
North Dakota Sen. Shawn A. Vedaa (R-ND-6)
Ohio Sen. Andrew Brenner (R-OH-19)
Ohio Rep. Jessica Miranda (D-OH-28)
Oklahoma Rep. Ross Ford (R-OK-76)
Oklahoma Rep. Chris Kannady (R-OK-91)
Oklahoma Sen. Michael Brooks (D-OK-44)
Oklahoma Sen. Shane Jett (R-OK-17)
Oregon Rep. Ken Helm (D-OR-34)
Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Ciresi (D-PA-146)
Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Conklin (D-PA-77)
Pennsylvania Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-PA-100)
Pennsylvania Rep. Tina Davis (D-PA-141)
Pennsylvania Rep. Pat Harkins (D-PA-1)
Pennsylvania Rep. Doyle Heffley (R-PA-122)
Pennsylvania Rep. John Lawrence (R-PA-13)
Pennsylvania Rep. Ryan Mackenzie (R-PA-134)
Pennsylvania Rep. Ed Neilson (D-PA-174)
Pennsylvania Rep. Eddie Pashinski (D-PA-121)
Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Smith (R-PA-66)
Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Sturla (D-PA-96)
Pennsylvania Sen. Lisa Boscola (D-PA-18)
Pennsylvania Sen. Scott Hutchinson (R-PA-21)
Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Stefano (R-PA-32)
Pennsylvania Sen. Gene Yaw (R-PA-23)
Rhode Island Rep. Stephen M. Casey (D-RI-50)
Rhode Island Rep. Carol Hagan McEntee (D-RI-33)
Rhode Island Rep. Joseph Solomon Jr. (D-RI-22)
Rhode Island Sen. Lou DiPalma (D-RI-12)
Rhode Island Sen. Hanna M. Gallo (D-RI-27)
Rhode Island Sen. Elaine J. Morgan (R-RI-34)
South Carolina Rep. Carl Anderson (D-SC-103)
South Carolina Rep. Mike Burns (R-SC-17)
South Carolina Rep. Bill Chumley (R-SC-35)
South Carolina Rep. Raye Felder (R-SC-26)
South Carolina Rep. Craig A. Gagnon (R-SC-11)
South Carolina Rep. Doug Gilliam (R-SC-42)
South Carolina Rep. Brandon Guffey (R-SC-48)
South Carolina Rep. Kevin J. Hardee (R-SC-105)
South Carolina Rep. John King (D-SC-49)
South Carolina Rep. Dennis Carroll Moss (R-SC-29)
South Carolina Rep. Richie Yow (R-SC-53)
South Carolina Sen. Larry Grooms (R-SC-37)
South Carolina Sen. Greg Hembree (R-SC-28)
South Carolina Sen. Katrina Frye Shealy (R-SC-23)
South Dakota Rep. Oren Lesmeister (D-SD-28A)
South Dakota Rep. Mike Weisgram (R-SD-24)
South Dakota Sen. John J. Wiik (R-SD-4)
South Dakota Sen. Larry Zikmund (R-SD-14)
Tennessee Rep. Rush Bricken (R-TN-47)
Tennessee Rep. Vincent B. Dixie (D-TN-54)
Tennessee Rep. Dan Howell (R-TN-22)
Tennessee Rep. Darren Jernigan (D-TN-60)
Tennessee Rep. Jay D. Reedy (R-TN-74)
Tennessee Rep. Mike Sparks (R-TN-49)
Tennessee Rep. Dwayne Thompson (D-TN-96)
Tennessee Rep. Joe Towns Jr. (D-TN-84)
Tennessee Rep. Mark White (R-TN-83)
Tennessee Sen. Bill Powers (R-TN-22)
Texas Rep. Drew A. Springer (R-TX-68)
Texas Rep. Sam Harless (R-TX-126)
Texas Rep. Ray Lopez (D-TX-125)
Texas Rep. Tom Oliverson (R-TX-130)
Texas Rep. Valoree Swanson (R-TX-150)
Texas Rep. Ed Thompson (R-TX-29)
Texas Rep. Gene Wu (D-TX-137)
Utah Rep. Robert M. Spendlove (R-UT-49)
Utah Rep. Jordan Teuscher (R-UT-44)
Utah Rep. Christine Watkins (R-UT-69)
Utah Sen. Todd Weiler (R-UT-23)
Vermont Rep. Patrick M. Brennan (R-VT-41)
Vermont Rep. Seth Chase (D-VT-40)
Vermont Rep. Kenneth W. Goslant (R-VT-77)
Vermont Rep. Chip Troiano (D-VT-14)
Vermont Sen. Richard A. Westman (R-VT-Lamoille)
Virginia Del. Karen Greenhalgh (R-VA-85)
Virginia Del. Kaye Kory (D-VA-38)
Virginia Del. David A. LaRock (R-VA-33)
Virginia Del. Jay Leftwich Jr. (R-VA-78)
Virginia Del. Danny Marshall III (R-VA-14)
Virginia Del. Ken Plum (D-VA-36)
Virginia Del. Mark David Sickles (D-VA-43)
Virginia Sen. Jennifer Boysko (D-VA-33)
Virginia Sen. Amanda Chase (R-VA-11)
Virginia Sen. Emmett Hanger Jr. (R-VA-24)
Virginia Sen. L. Louise Lucas (D-VA-18)
Washington Rep. Andrew Barkis (R-WA-2)
Washington Rep. Tom Dent (R-WA-13)
Washington Rep. Paul Harris (R-WA-17)
Washington Rep. Drew MacEwen (R-WA-35)
Washington Rep. Ed Orcutt (R-WA-20)
Washington Rep. Eric Robertson (R-WA-31)
Washington Rep. Joe Schmick (R-WA-9)
Washington Rep. Sharon Wylie (D-WA-49)
Washington Sen. Bob Hasegawa (D-WA-11)
Washington Sen. Jeff Holy Sr. (R-WA-6)
Washington Sen. Ann Rivers (R-WA-18)
Washington Sen. Lynda Wilson (R-WA-17)
West Virginia Del. Flimsy Adkins (R-WV-30)
West Virginia Del. Bill Anderson (R-WV-8)
West Virginia Del. Trenton Barnhart (R-WV-7)
West Virginia Del. Jason Barrett (D-WV-61)
West Virginia Del. Jordan Bridges (R-WV-24)
West Virginia Del. Eric Brooks (R-WV-45)
West Virginia Del. Adam Burkhammer (R-WV-46)
West Virginia Del. Jim Butler (R-WV-18)
West Virginia Del. Jarred Cannon (R-WV-21)
West Virginia Del. Moore Capito (R-WV-35)
West Virginia Del. Geno Chiarelli (R-WV-78)
West Virginia Del. Wayne Clark (R-WV-65)
West Virginia Del. Roy Cooper (R-WV-28)
West Virginia Del. Elias Coop-Gonzalez (R-WV-67)
West Virginia Del. Vernon Criss (R-WV-10)
West Virginia Del. Mark Dean (R-WV-21)
West Virginia Del. Mike DeVault (R-WV-74)
West Virginia Del. Corby Dillon (R-WV-29)
West Virginia Del. Lori Dittman (R-WV-63)
West Virginia Del. Joe Ellington Jr. (R-WV-27)
West Virginia Del. Paul Espinosa (R-WV-66)
West Virginia Del. Tom Fast (R-WV-32)
West Virginia Del. Bob Fehrenbacher (R-WV-11)
West Virginia Del. Dana Ferrell (R-WV-39)
West Virginia Del. Shawn Fluharty (D-WV-3)
West Virginia Del. Dave Foggin (R-WV-14)
West Virginia Del. Don Forsht (R-WV-60)
West Virginia Del. Geoff Foster (R-WV-15)
West Virginia Del. Joey Garcia (D-WV-50)
West Virginia Del. Marty Gearheart (R-WV-27)
West Virginia Del. Ric Griffith (D-WV-19)
West Virginia Del. Anita Hall (R-WV-36)
West Virginia Del. Walter Hall (R-WV-58)
West Virginia Del. Caleb Hanna (R-WV-44)
West Virginia Del. Evan Hansen (D-WV-51)
West Virginia Del. Roger Hanshaw (R-WV-33)
West Virginia Del. John Hardy (R-WV-63)
West Virginia Del. Scot Heckert (R-WV-13)
West Virginia Del. Kathie Hess Crouse (R-WV-19)
West Virginia Del. Rick Hillenbrand (R-WV-88)
West Virginia Del. Mike Hite (R-WV-92)
West Virginia Del. Josh Holstein (R-WV-23)
West Virginia Del. Mike Honaker (R-WV-46)
West Virginia Del. Sean Hornbuckle (D-WV-16)
West Virginia Del. Mike Hornby (R-WV-93)
West Virginia Del. Chuck Horst Sr. (R-WV-62)
West Virginia Del. John Paul Hott II (R-WV-54)
West Virginia Del. Eric L. Householder (R-WV-64)
West Virginia Del. Gary G. Howell (R-WV-56)
West Virginia Del. Dean Jeffries (R-WV-40)
West Virginia Del. Joe Jeffries (R-WV-22)
West Virginia Del. Buck Jennings (R-WV-53)
West Virginia Del. Riley Keaton (R-WV-11)
West Virginia Del. David Kelly (R-WV-6)
West Virginia Del. Laura Kimble (R-WV-48)
West Virginia Del. Todd Kirby (R-WV-44)
West Virginia Del. Larry Kump (R-WV-94)
West Virginia Del. Daniel Linville (R-WV-16)
West Virginia Del. Todd Longanacre (R-WV-42)
West Virginia Del. Patrick Lucas (R-WV-24)
West Virginia Del. Phil Mallow (R-WV-50)
West Virginia Del. John Mandt Jr. (R-WV-16)
West Virginia Del. Keith Marple (R-WV-69)
West Virginia Del. Carl Martin (R-WV-45)
West Virginia Del. Jordan Maynor (R-WV-28)
West Virginia Del. Margitta Mazzocchi (R-WV-24)
West Virginia Del. Pat McGeehan (R-WV-1)
West Virginia Del. George Miller (R-WV-58)
West Virginia Del. Ty Nestor (R-WV-43)
West Virginia Del. Mickey Petitto (R-WV-70)
West Virginia Del. Chris Phillips (R-WV-47)
West Virginia Del. Jonathan Pinson (R-WV-13)
West Virginia Del. Chris Pritt (R-WV-36)
West Virginia Del. Elliott Pritt (R-WV-50)
West Virginia Del. Mike Pushkin (D-WV-37)
West Virginia Del. Ben Queen (R-WV-48)
West Virginia Del. Charlie Reynolds (R-WV-4)
West Virginia Del. Bill Ridenour (R-WV-100)
West Virginia Del. Clay Riley (R-WV-48)
West Virginia Del. Matthew Rohrbach (R-WV-17)
West Virginia Del. Mark Ross (R-WV-28)
West Virginia Del. Larry Rowe (D-WV-36)
West Virginia Del. Andy Shamblin (R-WV-59)
West Virginia Del. Chuck Sheedy Sr. (R-WV-7)
West Virginia Del. Doug Skaff Jr. (D-WV-35)
West Virginia Del. Doug Smith (R-WV-27)
West Virginia Del. Joe Statler (R-WV-51)
West Virginia Del. Brandon Steele (R-WV-29)
West Virginia Del. George Street (R-WV-83)
West Virginia Del. Erikka Storch (R-WV-3)
West Virginia Del. Amy Summers (R-WV-49)
West Virginia Del. Darren Thorne (R-WV-89)
West Virginia Del. Chris Toney (R-WV-31)
West Virginia Del. Heather Tully (R-WV-41)
West Virginia Del. Adam Vance (R-WV-35)
West Virginia Del. Dani Walker (D-WV-51)
West Virginia Del. Bryan Ward (R-WV-55)
West Virginia Del. Debbie Warner (R-WV-82)
West Virginia Del. Steve Westfall (R-WV-12)
West Virginia Del. John Williams (D-WV-51)
West Virginia Del. Jimmy Willis (R-WV-3)
West Virginia Del. Evan Worrell (R-WV-18)
West Virginia Del. Kayla Young (D-WV-35)
West Virginia Del. Mark Zatezalo (R-WV-1)
West Virginia Del. Lisa Bixby Zukoff (D-WV-4)
West Virginia Sen. Craig Blair (R-WV-15)
West Virginia Sen. Robert Karnes (R-WV-11)
West Virginia Sen. Patrick Martin (R-WV-12)
West Virginia Sen. Mark Maynard (R-WV-6)
West Virginia Sen. Eric Nelson Jr. (R-WV-17)
West Virginia Sen. Rupie Phillips Jr. (R-WV-7)
West Virginia Sen. Bob Plymale (D-WV-5)
West Virginia Sen. Patricia Rucker (R-WV-16)
West Virginia Sen. Eric Tarr (R-WV-4)
West Virginia Sen. Jay Taylor Jr. (R-WV-14)
West Virginia Sen. Charles S. Trump IV (R-WV-15)
West Virginia Sen. Ryan Weld (R-WV-1)
West Virginia Sen. Jack Woodrum (R-WV-10)
Wisconsin Rep. James Edming (R-WI-87)
Wisconsin Rep. Clint Moses (R-WI-29)
Wisconsin Rep. Michael Schraa (R-WI-53)
Wisconsin Rep. Rob Swearingen (R-WI-34)
Wisconsin Sen. Andre Jacque (R-WI-1)
Wyoming Rep. Landon Brown (R-WY-9)
Wyoming Rep. Andi LeBeau (D-WY-33)
Wyoming Rep. Lloyd Larsen (R-WY-54)
Wyoming Rep. Sandy Newsome (R-WY-24)
Wyoming Rep. Clark Stith (R-WY-48)
Wyoming Rep. Tom Walters (R-WY-38)
Wyoming Rep. Mike Yin (D-WY-16)
Wyoming Sen. Cale Case (R-WY-25)
Wyoming Sen. Ogden O. Driskill (R-WY-1)
Wyoming Sen. Mike Gierau (D-WY-17)