Athletes Steroids

It doesn’t matter the athletes, it does NOT matter the sport one thing is certain, all sports are now filled with the usage of anabolic steroids to further improvements.

While we’ve come to accept it in sports such as bodybuilding, weight lifting and Olympic lifting, we still try our best to turn a blind eye to sports such as boxing, and MMA, where it is running equally as rampant and then we pretty much get in a fist fight with anyone who accuses our favorite football player, or baseball player of being on anabolic steroids!

Despite the fact steroids in baseball are so bad they’ve thought of cancelling and not inducting anyone into the hall of fame.
Despite all of this we hear people claiming how athletes never use best steroid for losing weight and are just “super humans” with great genetics. Hell, I competed in numerous sports for years at national and international level winning various championships and my own father wouldn’t accept that other guys in the sport were using steroids.

I remember in Olympic lifting we had this youngster up and coming, for the sake of this article we will call him Tyrone. Tyrone was not even in the top 30 lifters in his area let alone the country.

His coach said he would also come up on time and make an effort but he never really “put the intensity” in that the others did, and he ate all the time, burgers, chips, McDonalds. Roll in 2 years later.

He enters a competition and wins it at national level. He’s about 30lbs lighter in body weight and holding a nice amount of muscle mass. “I just got my training and diet sorted out, dude” is his reply when I asked about his amazing body transformation, let alone the strength gains.
I gave him the benefit of the doubt, despite not believing any of it. Later on when everyone is talking, someone mentions protein and the best sources.
He speaks out with “Oh yeah you get that in erm chicken and vegetables ,right?” A silence hits the room. The guy had no idea what he was talking about at all. He later failed a steroid test for INSANELY high dosages of testosterone.

My father however would not accept that he was on anabolic steroids. “I don’t think he is, I think he’s just a big strong lad.” Even when I was offered anabolic steroids by the actual GOVERNING body of the sport he just couldn’t accept others were using them, and that’s the way the average guy is.
I was at a huge body level before I began to consider anabolic steroids and I’d already squat just under 600lbs, drug free. But once I decided to take anabolic steroids I put 30lbs of mass on within a 12 week period. The fact I had got already a nice large frame this was pretty obvious I’d used anabolic steroids.

Or at least I thought!

I’d go out and get compliments. Once I remember going outside a restaurant as a business man and woman were leaving she stopped and said “My God, he’s huge!” Yes, it inflated my ego but what about the guys I knew personally? I’d go to my local butchers to get all the meat for the week and they’d compliment how they wish they could be as big as me. One of the funniest was “unlike those pussies, we know you don’t use steroids!!!”
I’d get these insane comments all the time. When I’d ask how they were so sure “well you are an athlete, not just a ponzy in a gym!”

So athletes steroids don’t go together to the general public, it would seem?

Despite all of this I know more athletes on steroids than bodybuilders, yet the average guy just will not accept this.