State Laws Impacting Altered-Height Vehicles

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The following document is a collection of available state-specific vehicle height statutes and regulations. A standard system for regulating vehicle and frame height does not exist among the states, so bumper height and/or headlight height specifications are also included. The information has been organized by state and is in alphabetical order starting with Alabama. To quickly navigate through the document, use the 'Find' (Ctrl+F) function.

Information contained herein is current as of December 2022, but these state laws and regulations are subject to change. Consult the current statutes and regulations in a particular state before raising or lowering a vehicle to be operated in that state.

These materials have been prepared by SEMA to provide guidance on various state laws regarding altered height vehicles and are intended solely as an informational aid. SEMA disclaims responsibility and liability for any damages or claims arising out of the use of or reliance on the content of this informational resource.