Everything You Need to Register and Title Your Hobby Car in All 50 States

Each state is organized as follows:

  • Definitions: Applicable specialty vehicle definitions for each state are listed separately at the beginning of each state’s document to clarify the language in the statutes and regulations.
  • DMV Guidance: Information from state titling agencies providing guidance on titling and registering unique vehicles.
  • The Law: The state's statutes and regulations concerning specialty vehicles.
  • Equipment and Emissions Exemptions: Information on specific equipment and emissions exemptions for different types of specialty vehicles.
  • Forms: Printable forms and publications necessary to register and title your vehicle.  

Each state’s information can be viewed and printed in its entirety by clicking the state’s file folder.  To quickly navigate through each document, use the 'Find' (Ctrl+F) function, type the word you are searching for, and hit 'enter'.

As a whole, each document provides a great jumping off point for enthusiasts looking to get an overview of the registration and titling process in their state, as well as an informative reference for those in the middle of the process who are in need of clarification on the finer points of their state’s laws.

This site was created to serve as a useful supplement in the in the registration and titling of your hobby car. The information contained herein is current as of January 2017. Please be advised that these state laws and regulations are subject to change. Please consult the current statutes and regulations for your state of interest to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within this volume.

SEMA has relied upon state resources to collect the material but disclaims any responsibility for the contents. SEMA also disclaims any responsibility for any claims that might result from reliance on the contents of the material.

If you have further questions, please contact SEMA Action Network at san@sema.org.

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