Need for Russia 2: Review Racing Games

I think, looking at the title, everyone has already understood the deep meaning and the Tao of this project. Need For Speed … Need For Russia - feel the connection? Somewhere in the depths of Russian self-consciousness, the founding bear should turn around, demanding to immediately purchase and play.

The author cannot be accused of a lack of patriotism, and therefore he will be as honest as possible. To begin with, he will outline the positive qualities of the game, and only then - the negative ones. And the readers will have to decide whether the patriotism is worth the sacrifices to which it sometimes pushes us.

So, for starters - the pros. First, the game launches and runs very smoothly, delivering the highest possible frame rate per second. The brakes were not noticed even once. Which, for the race, is a definite plus. Yes, besides, the game responds normally to Alt + Tab.

Secondly, the number of tracks roughly corresponds to what is usually called acceptable. 12 "rings", scattered around the globe, should guarantee a long enough entertainment.

Thirdly, there are only "native" cars here. Has patriotism turned a second time? That's it!

Home screen. Besides him, here, in fact, there is only the race itself.

After all, there is a very liberal copy protection system here. No StarForce and other dirty tricks were noticed, which means that no one will install hidden drivers in your system, spoil your nerves with ten-minute "disk checks" and so on. Which, again, is good and right. Everyone would do that ...

But what is it? The pros seem to be over. But there is a show ahead of us - the transformation of the above-described advantages into something completely wrong. One has only to look closely. You are ready?

High speed and the absence of problems with the engine, of course, are present. But they are guaranteed by the fact that the motor used is very much like (excuse me, how old?) Mafia... Painfully familiar "toy" metal from which cars are made, "spider-web" glasses, characteristic lines of seams at the joints of textures. What is it, deja vu? Or are the developers so ingenious that they copy not only ideas from the noosphere, but also their implementation? I doubt it. For such a long time, the idea will rot and stink, sorry for the details. What actually happened. Twisting the settings to the maximum did not eliminate such troubles as combs on the edges of objects and square wheels. Observing this so many times, you begin to wonder - what if this is the truth of life? And we just have very good anti-aliasing turned on in our brain.

Trails. There are actually 12 of them. By the way, the names of the files in which they are stored in the game folder once again reminds of the origin of the latter. Zima, Polana, Tor ... Well, okay, to the point. In fact, the creator of these monstrous car-destruction sites would have had to amputate something. For educational purposes. Not everyone will be able to learn to maneuver in heaps of garbage that does not want to move at all, and not the first time. Forget about preliminary "flying" of the area, about descriptions and legends. None of this will happen. I poked it into a button with the inscription "Chernobyl" - they flew. By the way, what an idiotic idea: to hold races near the fourth power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant? Is that kind of funny? Or cool?

The world here is reinforced concrete and rough. Light wooden posts, which could be knocked down, do not budge under the impact of an iron colossus flying at full speed. The same is with the tires on the side of the road, and with other entourage. But we are no worse. Local machines are not affected by the external environment. At all. That would be it, but into the outside world. However, this quickly gets boring, since clashes with opponents lose all meaning. By the way, if you drive into the fence at the maximum possible speed, the car will stop. Just like that, without any attempt to change course, turn over or commit other illegal actions. How… patriotic.

Such a ram should have left a dent.

By the way, the shape of their car again resembled the analogs from the " Mafia ". What is it?

A particularly offensive property of cars is that they start at the start of the race. That is, the developers have deprived us of our favorite pleasure, pogaz before the start. "Nitro" and other bells and whistles are absent as a class, but this is even more or less logical. But in combination with the first point, it feels like we are riding electric cars. The picture is complemented by the almost complete absence of engine voice acting.

This part of us disappointed. Perhaps the "career" is fraught with something interesting? Yes, it does. Here, having received the right place, we can open new cars. Which differ from the first in appearance. Wonderful. And the tracks. Which differ from the first degree of trash. All.

What is it, would you like to see additional content? Read information about cars, since you are so familiar and loved? Drive a car on a test bench, try to improve engine performance? Maybe go for a ride with a friend? Come on, you have nothing to catch here! There, there are a lot of these machines outside, do whatever you want with them. And here we have fun with a computer idiot, the amount and strength of which cannot be adjusted. Need For Speed , you say? Well, maybe the first one. With a stretch. In the second, it was already more interesting.

By the way, the first race, which takes place near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, hints at where such products come from. And where they belong.

Oh, how clumsy it is ... It's radiation, right?


Touches the naivety of the company " New Disc ", persistently stamping out cheap trash. No less admirable is the persistence of the developers who keep afloat and produce such dregs. And yet, somebody, declare them bankrupt and close them out of sin. It is clear that it is absolutely unimportant for Vovan from the “raion” whether there is something here other than blunt opening of new cars and tracks in the “quarry” and whether there is a damage system. He will buy because it is cheap and because of Russia. But PC gamers came primarily from the IT people, the elite environment. So do something to make " ND " and others like them stop, at last, disgracing this title. At the same time, we will save polycarbonate for more important things.

Pros: nimble engine.
Cons: rare squalor of the project.