Virtual Reality: A Game Changer for Online Casinos

Virtual reality goes from weirdness to commonplace. Various industries are beginning to apply it, and the industry of gambling is not a black horse. Let's determine what VR is, how it can be applied in gambling, what illustrations already exist, and what the potential power of the technology in retrospect is. If you are looking for more information from the world of gambling – attend and be aware of the freshly news and innovations from the industry. But first thing first.


What Does VR Technology Really Mean?

Virtual reality means a programmatically created realm that imitates a wide variety of environments: from Stanley Park in Vancouver to a special room with video slots.

To join into virtual reality, you should have special devices: glasses or a helmet. When the user puts on the device, the created environment appears in front of the eyes. It makes an impression of full three-dimensionality and immersion in the displayed picture.

Contemporary VR technologies have already reached the moment when players can interact with digital objects within this 3D world.


Implementation of the VR Technologies in Online Gambling

Modern casino supervisors obtain the following idea: “What if you don't spend a lot of money on physical games, but instead just create this surrounding in the digital world and make it work?”

As an end effect, the idea got successful. Online gambling platforms began to appear not only as land-based houses but also in a virtual world. Moreover, the beauty of their design can compete with the best terrestrial establishments.

VR has allowed humanity to turn into blackjack or poker, spin the roulette and pull the handle of a slot machine in the virtual world from your homeplace.

Great Samples of VR in Online Gambling


This player was one of the first which develops VR products for online platforms on the gambling market. In particular, the game manufacture has developed a virtual roulette by the name of VR Roulette. Here, it is required to have a helmet from Oculus Rift and a headset to start gambling in a special VR mode.


It is ranking as one of the most progressive online casinos with an accent on VR technology. After operating for a certain time in a demo version, it is ready to accept players now. All it takes is an Oculus Rift VR headset for full immersion.

Here you can go to the barroom, relax on the sofa, and gamble. It is full of slots with a wide variety of game options from SlotsMillion: God of Storms, Buffalo Blitz Live, Bonanza, Book of Kings, Magic Portals and others.

Bolt Poker

This project showed the world that one can game poker, one of the most intelligent card games, in virtual reality. The Bolt Poker game was launched in 2016.

Within this fictional reality, you can take a cigar, grab a cup of coffee, get a machete, or play with a pistol – there are a lot of opportunities in the game.

You need to use controllers from Oculus to interact with the surrounding space and objects in the room.

A Potential Power of VR Technologies

Today, we are at the initial point of the progress of VR products in the gambling area. But the potential of this area is already obvious to most players. There are a few moments that should be highlighted.

First of all, it is an unprecedented level of player immersion – something that many online casinos lack.

Secondly, this is a gigantic scope for customizing not only the local world but also the gamblers themselves.

Thirdly, all variants of fraud or cheating are practically excluded.