Setting Up An Auto Clicker - Using An Auto Clicker Utility

An auto clicker is an ingenious kind of macro or software that is used to automatically click a specific button on a computer keyboard element. Auto clickers are automatically triggered from different current settings or manually created to repeat previously recorded input. This feature has many practical uses in the workplace, particularly in sales and service industries, where it can help cut down on time-consuming tasks such as filling in order forms.


However, auto clickers can also be great for controlling multiple computers across a network and can automate common office tasks, such as entering names and dates into computers and scheduling meetings and appointments. Below is a look at how to set up your own auto clicker network.

Setting Up An Auto Clicker

Setting up an auto clicker network involves using a web browser and making sure that any computers you want to add to the network are on the same network, preferably on the same local subnet.

  1. To do this, log onto your domain name provider's website and follow the instructions outlined there. 
  2. Then you should go to Control Panel > Network and Internet settings, and double-click the link for "Internet Options". You will then see a list of all the computers on the local network that are connected to your domain, with their IP address displayed underneath the name of the computer.

Using Auto Clicker Utility

  1. To start using the auto clicker software utility, firstly, it is important that all windows on your system are closed. 
  2. Now, right-click on the "Internet Options" icon on the desktop and select "block all unnecessary network traffic". 
  3. In addition to this, you should also close all other applications such as browsers, Instant Messenger, and chat clients, as well as programs that may constantly crash your computer by sending too many repeating clicks to the main menu. 
  4. After these basic steps have been completed, you should open the auto clicker software utility, which should be located on your desktop or in your quick start folder. It is often referred to as "startup manager", as it will allow your system to boot up faster and more smoothly when you haven't used the computer for some time.
  5. The first thing to do with the auto clicker utility is to configure it to start at a time interval based on your own manual instructions. For example, if you set the time interval at five minutes, it will begin at five minutes after the computer has been switched on. 
  6. You can also set it to start at the present time or at the latest time date. The first time the program starts, it will look for a click on the mouse, but if no one is available to perform the clicking, it will search for someone online. This will cause the auto clicker to search for someone to click until someone finds the required window and clicks on it.
  7. Once the first search has been performed, the auto clicker will then start searching for another candidate, and the process will repeat as long as there are people online to be searched for. If someone were to quit the application, it could close down temporarily until a replacement was found. To prevent this from happening, set the start time and stop time to be at the same time each day and make sure that at least one person is available to perform the mouse clicking. The clicker will then search for someone when there is someone available to perform the keyboard clicking. Once the person has started typing on the keyboard, the process will continue.

There are a few options available with the auto clicker utility. In the first option, a timer can be set up so that the program will start at the designated time. The timer can also be set to search and complete the complete cycle of clicking and waiting for a key combination. In the second option, which is the most popular, the program will start automatically as soon as the computer is switched on. The system tray icon for the clicker will appear as soon as the mouse button has been pressed.

Some users have found that they use the auto clicker far more than they originally intended. They find that it saves them a great deal of time and that they are more alert when using the computer. At the same time, they realize that they are more alert and in control of the situation. The clicks that the auto clicker makes are generally not very loud, but they can still be startling if you are not expecting them. Some people have commented that they are amazed at how much longer their attention stays focus when using the keyboard shortcut to click rather than attempting to concentrate on the screen.


A benefit that is noted most often is the lack of mistakes that are made during the initial start-up process of the computer. When the computer boots up with the auto clicker installed, it does not have to repeatedly search for programs to start each time. Instead, the start-up process is repeated and everything works smoothly. 

However, some have complained about the noises that the clickers make. In addition, some of these clickers have been known to generate backspin, which can cause the mouse to move in a way that is not standard. Still, other users are quite pleased with the results of the auto clicker and how quickly they are able to produce the desired results.