Play the popular Vegas Strip Blackjack

Are you used to card games? Try to play Vegas StripBlackjack online from Microgaming and the game will be addictive! In addition, you can play for free. The game is similar to the Russian version - 21 points. Surely you know the goal of blackjack: you need to score more points than the dealer, but the number should not be more than 21.

According to the Vegas Strip Blackjack rules, it is necessary to mix several decks among themselves. 2 cards are dealt. Cards from 2 to 10 are equal to the indicated denomination, and a jack with a queen and a king gives 10 points each. Ace is counted for 1 or 11 points. The most winning combination that all Vegas Strip Blackjack players strive for is the ten and the ace. It is called "blackjack".

Didn't you get a winning combination? Do not be discouraged, because you can take one additional card from the dealer until you get close to 21. The main thing here is to stop in time. This gambling should be approached carefully, because if the points are too much, then you can lose the bet and lose.

Immerse yourself in the variety of online casino games

In Vegas Strip Blackjack from Microgaming, you will have to play with a computer as an opponent. The time spent playing an exciting game will not be wasted for you. The classic rules of the game will allow you to quickly get up to speed. Blackjack Vegas Strip Blackjack is so realistic that you can feel the spirit of history.

It is very convenient that you can play not only on a computer, but also on any gadget at hand: thanks to the mobile version of the online casino, anyone can enjoy the game, as long as the smartphone has the Internet, and the player has some free time. Try your luck in the iconic Vegas Strip Blackjack game from Microgaming, place your bets, set records - there is every chance to get into the table of the best players! Take risks and multiply your fortune.