Nintendo Wii Hidden Gems You Want to Play Today

It seems like it was yesterday that Nintendo published their famous Wii. This gaming console had a unique look and feel and its games were fun and graphically impressive. Wii characters were so realistic and familiar, so much so that hours seemed like seconds when we played favorite titles.

Times are changing quickly. To play Wii games now, you don’t need the physical console anymore. Lots of retro gamers install dedicated emulators like Dolphin to third-party devices, smartphones or computers, download favorite Wii ROM games from and enjoy themselves!

But what titles are worth playing in the era of VR gaming and MMORPGs? If you’re looking for something special, we suggest that you check out three Wii games that are rightly regarded as Wii hidden gems. 

#1 Pandora’s Tower 

Pandora's Tower | Wii | Игры | Nintendo

Pandora’s Tower is a game that was unreasonably ignored by many gamers because of its criminally late release. If you also happened to overlook its release back then, it’s about time you made up for lost time.

The premise of the game is very simple. You’re trying to prevent your friends and fellow runaway, Elena, from turning into a monster. She is able to hold back the affliction by eating the flesh of slain monsters. Needless to say, the heroine is not happy about it, but it’s the only thing that keeps her alive and human. You take the role of Aeron, who tries his best to permanently cure Elena by letting her eat the flesh of bosses held up in the thirteen mysterious towers holding the world together.

Your character engages in real-time combat with a sword or other fully upgradable weapons as it goes along. You can use a magical chain, a versatile tool wherewith you can stun your enemies temporarily, chain two of them together, as well as climb up to new areas, retrieve hidden loot, and obtain that all-important monster flesh. The Thirteen Towers are interconnected, but each serves as a unique level during which you need to complete a specific set of tasks. Within those towers, there are also a bunch of different enemy types eager to prevent you from getting bored with combat. But what is really worth your attention is boss fights, which are eye-catching and devastatingly captivating.

#2 Generator Rex: Agent of Providence

True connoisseurs of retro games can tell a real gaming gem when they see it. And Generator Rex: Agent of Providence is one of them. Despite the fact that it didn’t enjoy the popularity it deserved, it’s one of the best and most exciting games in the Wii collection. It’s a 3D platforming slash action game based on the cartoon network TV show.

Being totally unfamiliar with the TV show can in no way prevent you from enjoying this game to the fullest. You will travel about hostile locations, switching between different weapon types on the fly. You can use quick smash and distance attacks, which allow defeating unwelcome strangers more effectively. There is also a level where you get gigantic stomping boots, a great tool for leaping high into the air and thus inflict all sorts of destruction on your foes. What’s more, this game boasts decent graphics, great controls, and is extremely fun to play even in 2021.

#3 Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight 

My Shiny Toy Robots: Series REVIEW: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

The last game well worth the attention of every Wii fan is Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight. It’s a great 3D fighting title that also came out on the DS, but the Wii version is commonly believed to be more engaging and graphically impressive.

In this game you can play as 13 different Kamen Riders. All characters look cool and attractive, so it’s up to you to decide which one can fit your taste. As with most fighting games, every character that you play in Dragon Knight possesses their own unique skills, attacks, abilities, and finishing moves.

The game’s Mirror World mode also deserves a mention. Playing in this mode allows not only attacking Riders in one-on-one battles, but also combating Advent Beasts in beat ‘em up-like stages. And as you progress through your game and complete missions, they get the chance to unlock Dragon Knight and Wing Knight’s Survive Modes. This also allows you to accumulate Rider Points necessary for purchasing more Advent Cards, which enable your Riders to summon their beasts.

This title is an ideal fighter for novice gamers that are mostly incapable of memorizing tons of a ton of moves and button combinations. So, if you consider yourself more of a casual fighting game fan or if you are looking for something more on the easier side, you should definitely check out Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.