Movie reviews Matrix: Resurrection, Rampage and Rogue One from Soap2Day

Matrix: Resurrection

Even before the release of the film "The Matrix: Resurrection", an active discussion broke out on the Internet with the main question "will this be a failure of Wachowski?". Many film enthusiasts were wary of the first trailers and predicted the loss of not only cinematic quality, but the loss of the very philosophy that was in the first three parts on Soap 2 day.

Movie reviews Matrix: Resurrection, Rampage and Rogue One from Soap2Day

In part, these fears were confirmed, since the film can be perceived as a separate independent story. It is very difficult to watch the movie "The Matrix: Resurrection" and perceive it as a sequel. Nevertheless, this can be called a kind of afterword not only of the Matrix trilogy, but also of the entire filmography of the director. But you need to understand that Wachowski loves provocations and everything connected with it.

The film "The Matrix: The Resurrection" is satiated with irony and harsh banter over everything that is possible. Self-irony over himself as the author of the sequel and over the meaninglessness of sequels in general is very clearly visible. What prompted Wachowski to remove the sequel then? It should be remembered that a clear position has been repeatedly expressed that the trilogy is a complete story and there will be no fourth part. Apparently, the WB studio offered such a fee, which was difficult for Wachowski to refuse. And in "resurrection" we see this contradiction, which is smoothed out by jokes and irony.

In this film, the viewer is explained what happened after the third part, when the main character was symbolically crucified and the matrix was rebooted. The world of machines, the world of people, Zion and much more are shown. The many questions that fans of the trilogy have been asking each other for almost two decades (and the third part was released, it should be recalled, already in 2003) have finally been answered. Although during this time the film has been "overgrown" with many theories, there has not yet been an official response from the creators of The Matrix. In this part, they summarize almost all the available theories and interpret them in their own way.

If in the previous parts, especially the first two, there was a strong protest spirit. And many noted in them criticism of the system and capitalism. Then now in the movie "The Matrix: Resurrection" there is no question about it. The picture shows not a struggle, but a desire to just live and fatigue from everything. If there is a desire for something, it is only for peace and quiet.

In this matrix, the world is shown as if it is plastic. Everything is absolutely empty and lifeless. Even action scenes and action movie elements, which are sometimes inappropriate and look ridiculous, do not give liveliness to the film. In the final scene, the author is ironic about the fact that there may be a new trilogy. And this is quite likely, because with large box office collections, the Warner Brothers studio will certainly want to continue.

Rampage (2018)

"Rampage" translates from English as "rampage", which very accurately describes what is happening on the screen. The film tells the story of enraged monsters destroying the environs of North America. These creatures appeared by human hand, thanks to classified scientific experiments.

In the center of the plot is the primatalog Davis Okoi, played by Dwayne Johnson. Davis embodies stubbornness and directness, in which he is often helped by a physically developed physique. Okoyi is involved to eliminate the problem with insane creatures, as he has a personal interest in a positive outcome of the case, since his pet was among the distraught animals.

A full-scale picture of the action unfolds by the middle of the film, when fierce and bloody battles against genetically modified creatures escalate into a bloodbath with all kinds of sophisticated destruction. The entertainment and specificity of the presentation excites a sense of delight, seasoned with interest, since the plot of the film is phenomenally worked out.

The painting is based on the motif of an arcade game of the eighties. The insane director's staff worked through the entire plot of the game and created a picture of epic proportions that can compete with the most worthy films of our time.

The special effects that the movie is saturated with are impressive and surprising in their scale, however, you would not expect less from such a budget. Acting meets the standards of modern times, so you willingly believe and even empathize with the characters, despite the obvious ending.

The film relaxes, has a relaxing effect even on an avid moviegoer, because the attraction of entertainment and entertainment, launched by the motion picture, is accompanied by a well-developed musical series. The film adaptation turned out to be fervent, fascinating and interesting not only in its content, but also in form, which is very rare for modern cinema.

Rogue One (2016)

Among the fans of "Star Wars" there is such a common joke: "Why did episodes 4, 5 and_6 come out first, and then 1, 2 and 3?" - "And because Yoda was responsible for planning." Actually, apparently, the Grand Master continues to command the drafters of the schedule, because we did not have time to watch episode No. 7, as six months later the new owners of the Walt Disney Company franchise presented to the public episode No. 3, 5 - a kind of logical bridge between the transformation of Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader in "Revenge of the Sith" and the beginning of resistance in "A new hope." That is, the 2016 film serves as a sequel to the 2005 film and a precursor to the 1977 film. There is another feature of "Star Wars": all new episodes of this franchise will certainly be compared with each other, the original three episodes released in the XX century, and the three subsequent (preceding) episodes released at the turn of the century. In practice, it looks like this: "How do you like Rogue One?" - "Well, you know, better than the 7th, worse - of course - than the 4th, 5th and 6th, but, perhaps, still better than the 1st, 2nd, 3rd...

And Darth Vader is here - so fire in general! Even better than in the original series!". And the funniest thing is that the fans of the ZV do not need any more explanations - they have already understood everything. However, what should those unfortunate people do who have just decided to join the beautiful for the first time? Is it possible to watch "Rogue" as an independent movie? I would say yes, and this is perhaps its main advantage. Moreover, it seems to me that people who decide to start their acquaintance with the universe of stars with this film have a much better chance of becoming fans of the series than those who listen to the voice of conditional "reason" and will start watching everything in order from the first episode, or - even more so - those who he will be led to the persuasions of "senior comrades" and in the XXI century he will decide to start his acquaintance with one of the most successful sci-fi franchises with an unremastered 1977 film. Watch all these movies online on