Tips for completing The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft - Basic Missions # 003

Brother against Brother

Come to the front door. An animated scene with Officer Riley and Mr. Spencer himself will begin.

After completion, go to the right of the entrance and talk with the owner of the residence, discussing all possible topics. Then enter the building and talk to Lily.

When Thomas arrives, another conversation awaits you. Then turn right towards the visible clock of the closet and look at them - they show three o'clock, and there is a bumper near the door. It's worth taking it.

Use the bumper on the door leading to the office to leave it open. Then go inside and go deeper into the room. Click on the countertop, then on the document shredder - open the door and remove the damaged paper.

Step away from the table and go to the window. Broken glass has a whole glass - take it with you. Then take a look at the safe and go outside.

Go right, go past Spencer and talk to Riley. After this conversation, Frank has to call his father ("Fenton" in the cell phone contact list). Go back to the residence, take a blank piece of paper lying on the board with Spencer, and talk to the owner again.

Now go to the office and put the piece of paper you just found on the table. Exit the mansion and an animated scene will follow, after which you will talk to Riley.

Now keep going to the place where you first talked to Riley and then left. Change the board and stand in front of the abandoned infirmary. Look at the little grave.

Now go inside and the first door on the left. Look at the bed - pushing aside the pillow, you will find a wig and fabric. Take both items.

Now click on the window - the character will flash there, but you won't see anything else. Press down on the mattress and note that it covers the ventilation grate.

Go back to the corridor and enter the first door on the right. Here, pay attention to the closet - take out rubber gloves, scotch tape and a bottle.

Inspect the methane cylinders standing against the opposite wall. Try using them - you can't do it with your bare hands. Go back to Riley. There will be an animated scene and another opportunity to talk to a policeman. After that, go in front of the entrance to the residence and go to the left of it, next to the motorcycles, and then to the passage visible at the top of the screen.

You'll get to the barn, where you'll see footprints. Take a closer look at them and take a dirt sample.

In the barn, the only thing worth paying attention to is the closed toolbox on the table on the left. Return to the path and, when you reach the intersection, go left.

This is the residence of Thomas and his wife. Before the brothers go inside, let them take the mechanism that lies next to the stairs. bit qt