How to play blackjack and win

Playing blackjack is not difficult, the main thing is to know the rules. The leading online casinos definitely include this card layout in their game assortment.

How to play blackjack at online casinos

The best known is the classic version of blackjack. The game uses up to six decks of 52 cards each. There is a dealer at the table, who hands out decks of shusa, and up to 7 players. The goal of the gamblers is to beat the casino represented by the croupier, scoring equal or close to 21 points.

Blackjack rules

To learn how to play blackjack, you need to be able to determine the value of cards. The so-called pictures (Jack, Queen, King) and the ten are valued at 10 points. The Ace takes the value of 1 or 11 points (in combination with cards that give more than 21 points together, takes the value of 1). The value of other cards is equal to their value (a nine is 9 points, an eight is 8 points, etc.). The suits in the classic variant of the game do not matter. The combination of blackjack (ace plus ten) is considered to be a winning combination and more significant than other combinations, giving a total of 21 points.

There are two ways to win at blackjack:

  • Score more croupier points, but no more than 21.
  • Make the dealer than 21 points.

When the gambler scored up to and including 21 points and the dealer overdid, the client wins and vice versa. If the same number of points (no blackjack), recognize a draw, the bet is returned to the player. If no one overdraws, the one with the maximum number of points wins.

How to beat online casinos at blackjack

In order for the game to be successful and bring income, you need not only blackjack cheat card to thoroughly understand the rules of blackjack, but also to learn the technique of dealing, as well as learn to use strategies.


Players have calculated a mathematical model of blackjack winning probability, called the "basic strategy. Its essence is to act optimally in every situation. If you play without making mistakes, the casino advantage will be minimized. Practicing this method, along with card counting, you can beat the institution.

There are also a number of other tactics that increase the chances of the gambler to a successful outcome:

  • Doubling. If you lose, the bets are doubled.
  • The Helo System. Here they are counting the cards that are discarded.
  • The system 1-3-2-6. Wagers are increased according to the system.
  • Pursuit. User defines the minimum and maximum bets and uses them in a certain way.

Tips from experienced gamblers

During the game of blackjack accumulated invaluable experience, which experienced participants are ready to share with newcomers.

For the game to be successful, gamblers recommend:

  • To understand the rules of the main game and its subspecies;
  • Learn the strategy and mathematics of entertainment;
  • Learn to quickly recognize the winning combinations;
  • To play with live dealers need to learn how to count cards.

Following these tips will allow the gambler to feel comfortable during the game, while saving the deposit. Blackjack card game is a great gambling pastime with simple rules. With some experience and the use of strategies it can bring not only moral satisfaction, but also a stable income.