Cosplay is a fairy tale

What is worth knowing about cosplay?

Cosplay is not just a game, but the creation of a parallel life in which one is a copy of one's favorite character. There is no life, there is only the character that the person portrays. And the person must completely abandon himself and begin to be a copy of his hero: to copy him in gestures, facial expressions, voice, intonation, manners and costume details (such as the character of Warcraft's sulfuras hand of ragnaros). You could say that cosplay is a competition where people are competing to see who can best play their favorite character, to become him. Cosplay is an attempt to make life a fairy tale for a while. Why isn't life a fairy tale? Why does it have to be? What do you think came first: life itself or the fairy tale?

Originally there was life itself, which man studied, adapted to it, learned to live in it, and then there was the fairy tale. For what reason this happened is not known. Maybe man wanted to pass on his experience and knowledge in this way, or maybe he really got a little tired of the harsh realities of life and came up with stories where everything is smooth and good. Originally there was life itself as it presents itself to people's eyes. And the fairy tale came later as an imaginary and unreal world. Why isn't life a fairy tale? Because life is the real world, while the fairy tale was invented by man himself, who wanted to convey something to those who would read or listen to it.

A fairy tale is an image invented by a person who may have wanted to live a better life than he does in the real world. Or the fairy tale was invented for children to tell them in an interesting way about the heroes and great qualities of others. Life cannot be a fairy tale because a fairy tale is fiction. And since in fairy tales good triumphs over evil, there are heroes and villains, it is attractive to many people. A fairy tale is an orderly story. Whatever the story in the tale itself, there are heroes and villains with clearly defined character qualities, good always triumphs over evil, and there are people around who praise the heroes. In other words, no matter what the fairy tale is, the basic intent is the same. Villains are easy to distinguish from heroes, and a person's positive qualities always help them achieve success and fame.