Beard oil for anyone with stubble or a beard.

Triple Citrus Beard Oil is our pride and must have for everyone who has a bristle or full beard. Lemon, orange and grapefruit are tropical smells that energize us for the day. The oil moisturizes the skin, nourishes it with useful elements and also softens the bristle/beard, as well as gives a pleasant smell. Your girlfriend will definitely appreciate the smell and your soft facial hair.

This care product is a perfect solution to all the facial problems. Ladies, men also have lots of such problems as itching, dandruff, or even baldness. Another thing you have to keep in mind – the beard is often very wiry, and it is really hard to keep it neat. Forget about style if you don’t apply proper care cosmetics.

Olej na vousy pro každého, kdo má strniště nebo plnovous.

Believe us, anyone who has ever tried Triple citrus will use it for life.

​​Let’s discuss briefly how you can benefit from beard oil:

  • It removes itching and peeling that look like dandruff on the beard. Why is it so? Well, the hair root has sebaceous glands. But do not go upset: the sebum they secrete moisturizes the skin and lubricates the hair. This in turn makes hair look healthier. However, the longer the hair, the more it needs moisturizing. At some point (well, it happens usually after a month of hair growing) sebaceous glands stop working properly. As a result, the skin peels and the beard becomes dry. This when your hair needs oil.
  • The oil makes the hair softer and protects against split ends. This is specifically crucial for long beards, buddies! Otherwise, you will look kind of untidy.
  • Did you have any idea that oil is like a feeding source for your hair follicles? You can easily speed up and support beard growth. Just do it regularly!
  • Okay, we guess you all shall agree that nowadays the environmental issue is very urgent. Different natural disasters and environmental situations overall have a great impact on our lives. Well, hair is not an exception. But we stay positive and say: Beard oil can protect your hair from some adverse impact!