1win Aviator - Spribe Money Game

What is the online game Aviator

If you've been into online gambling for a long time, you've probably heard of Aviator Spribe. If you have just started diving into the fascinating world of gambling, then it's time to get acquainted with one of the most popular entertainments. As you have already realized, we will talk about gambling for money Aviator. In this article, we will describe what this game is and how to play it. By the way we will touch on the topic of strategies in fast online games and how to apply them in Aviator game.

Online game Aviator is a flight simulator, in which you are watching the takeoff of the aircraft. However, your task is not to watch, but to bet on how high the plane will take off. With each second of flight, the plane gains altitude, and with it, so does the odds, which multiplies your bet. The game is loved by all players Aviator primarily because of the fact that a single bet can multiply the winnings by more than 100 times. In addition, the rules of the game in Aviator game as simple and understandable to every gambler.

How to play Aviator game

Starts the game with the bet you have to make on how high the plane will fly. It's important to understand that a plane in the Aviator game online can take off in less than a second or more than a minute. As part of the game you will try on the role of a pilot adventurer. You will be faced with a choice: to take risks, obeying the lust for heights, or choose a less risky, but correct altitude.

Having made a bet on a particular altitude, you just have to wait for the result, so the rules of the game Aviator quite simple.

Slot machine Aviator: the rules and conditions of the game

The first thing you need to know about Aviator online is that the game takes place in multiplayer mode. This means that along with you do a lot of other players who just like you want to win.

Your task is to predict the altitude at which the plane will finish its takeoff. Recall that the flight altitude is equal to the odds. Having bet on the odds, you just have to hope that the plane will exceed its altitude, because only in this case the bet will play. If the plane takes off higher than the height specified in your bet, its amount is multiplied by a certain coefficient. Bets, altitude, odds - it's not hard to get confused, so let's take the Aviator online game as an example.

Let's say we made a bet at odds of 3. We will only be satisfied with the outcome if the plane takes off higher than this odds. For example, an altitude of 3 or more is satisfactory for us, but 2.99 or less is not. In case of success, the amount of our bet will be multiplied by the odds we bet on, that is 3. Also, playing Aviator slot machine, you can place a second bet to reinsure the outcome of the first bet.

Aviator: strategies and secrets of the slot machine for money

Chances are you've heard that there can be no strategies in fast money games. This sounds quite logical since the outcome of the game depends on a random number generator which makes predicting the outcome impossible. Although we agree with this opinion, we are convinced that Aviator is a game of a different principle. Its main difference from other similar fast games and slot machines is that the game takes place in multiplayer mode. Whereas fast games generate an outcome for each player separately, Aviator casino game has only one single outcome.

Because of this Aviator slot machine has a pattern in the outcome, which can be used for strategies. To your attention the most popular and proven Aviator strategies:

We will start with the truest strategy in the game Aviator online, namely: bet on 1.1. Even though the odds of 1.1 will not bring you big wins, it will be a winning one with a probability of 99%. The thing is that an outcome with odds less than 1.1 happens, on average, once in a hundred games. Considering that 10 winning bets at odds of 1.1 will bring you your initial bet, the strategy seems very profitable.
Let's move on to the next Aviator strategy. Its essence is a pattern and depends on what the outcomes were in the previous rounds. The pattern is that in the game Aviator does not happen more than 5 outcomes in which the odds will be less than 2. If you see that the 5 previous rounds ended with a result of less than 2, then feel free to bet on 2 or more.
The riskiest strategy from all presented, but at the same time