Volkswagen's Electric Pursuit: Conquering the Legendary Pikes Peak Race

Volkswagen has announced its foray into the realm of electric racing, unveiling a prototype designed to compete in the world-renowned Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. This all-wheel-drive prototype aims to not only conquer the challenging ascent of Pikes Peak, scheduled for June 24, 2018, in Colorado, USA, but also set a new record for electric vehicles, reaching a staggering altitude of 4,300 meters. This endeavor is a significant milestone in Volkswagen's strategy to transform itself into a leading electric vehicle manufacturer, with plans to introduce 23 fully electric models by 2025.


"The Pikes Peak hill climb is one of the most famous car races in the world. The extreme stress test on Pikes Peak will give us important feedback that will benefit future development, and it will also showcase our products and technology to the public," notes Dr. Frank Welsch, Member of the Board of Management responsible for Technical Development at Volkswagen Passenger Cars. This venture is being spearheaded by Volkswagen Motorsport in close collaboration with the technical development team in Wolfsburg.


This marks Volkswagen Motorsport's return to Pikes Peak after a hiatus of over 30 years. In their last appearance in 1987, they unveiled a striking dual-engine Golf, though it unfortunately fell short of the finish line. Sven Smeets, Director of Volkswagen Motorsport, affirms, "This race at Pikes Peak is a significant milestone in our new motorsport orientation. We are developing an all-electric race vehicle for the first time. The project is also an important milestone in our move towards electric mobility."


The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, often dubbed the "Race to the Clouds," has been held annually since 1916 in the Rocky Mountains near Colorado Springs, USA. Spanning nearly 20 kilometers, the challenging course leads to the summit of Pikes Peak, rising 1,440 meters in elevation. The current record for electric prototypes is 8 minutes and 57.118 seconds, set by American driver Rhys Millen in 2016. This year, Volkswagen is determined to not only clinch victory but also establish a new record in the prestigious electric prototype category.


Volkswagen's Triumphs and Ambitions at Pikes Peak


Volkswagen Motorsport, in its previous three appearances from 1985 to 1987, navigated the treacherous course with a dual-engine Volkswagen Golf, an innovation ahead of its time. Although close to victory on several occasions, the team fell short. Now, with the advent of electric mobility, Volkswagen is poised to redefine its legacy at Pikes Peak. The brand-new electric prototype signifies a dynamic shift in Volkswagen's racing history, ushering in a new era of electrified motorsport.


The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, a testament to automotive endurance and engineering excellence, is revered as one of the oldest and most challenging hill climb races in the world. Stretching across 20 kilometers with 156 turns and a steep average gradient of 7.2%, it pushes both vehicles and drivers to their limits. Starting at an elevation of 2,860 meters and culminating at a staggering 4,300 meters, the race is a true test of human and machine against the elements. With Volkswagen's dedication to this event, a new chapter is set to be written, one that could potentially reshape the future of electric motorsport.

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