Steel doors

Entrance steel doors are the reality of today. They provide not only security in our apartments and offices, but also warmth, protection from external noises and odors. The metal door market is very extensive, but the statements that you will meet here are based on an in-depth analysis of this market. And this analysis was carried out, of course, taking into account the needs of buyers for a reliable, high-quality and affordable steel door. Inexpensive steel doors are by no means a myth. The myth is that the quality is equal to the doors that are sold here, you can buy somewhere else for less money! The door store NAME is us. And we are a store of quality doors. So, after conducting these studies, willy-nilly you will come to this conclusion: currently the door is "Granite&taking into account the criteria of burglar resistance, heat and noise insulation, reliability, practicality, design and price - there is the best door that can be offered to you in YOUR CITY. This is natural, because these steel doors are made of high-tech German equipment, moreover, in a complex bent-welded way, which ensures good quality. One of the main advantages of this door is that it is well adapted to the vagaries of our local climate: it guarantees the preservation of heat in your home. It is impossible to ignore the fact that the door leaf is strong, because it consists of two sheets, and its thickness is 60 mm. The space between the metal sheets of the door leaf is filled with mineral wool. And also, note that the installation of the door in the doorway is performed in a more reliable way than the anchor fasteners: by welding.

Under such conditions, the door simply must be of high quality, and it fulfills this duty honestly Steel doors economy

Granite steel doors - the very name of which evokes associations with strength, impenetrability, reliability - are also beautiful. For the outer surface of the door, a powder-polymer coating is used (the color "Antique copper"), and high-quality MDF of the color "Cherry" is successfully responsible for the interior decoration". Are you interested in fire doors? Well, so they are the same - the same "Granite", the fire-fighting qualities of which, among other things, are also guaranteed by the lacquer coating of powder polymer paint. This coating, by the way, increases the ability of the door to resist mechanical impact. With us you can order steel doors, including doors "Granite", after all, the sale of steel doors, as well as the installation of doors in YOUR CITY is our direct specialty. в это время делать ставки на события на выводимые средства mostbet По правилам букмекера, клиента в любой момент могут попросить о верификации аккаунта