Rocket League passing tips - Main missions # 011

Main moves

Performing a jump allows you to hit the ball before he affects the Earth.

The only way to move the ball in Rocket League to continue to beat him with your car. Obviously, each hit is not the same, but unique. The physics of the ball in the game is not entirely realistic, but the basic principles are saved. There are two main factors determining where the ball will fly - how much you hit the ball and at what angle. You can affect the first factor not only using the gas and brake pedals, but also relying on a rocket supervision, which is described in more detail below. As for the choice of the right angle, this is a very important aspect, if you want each shot to be very accurate. It is not always possible to score accurate gets into the heat of the battle, but if you have the opportunity to plan your throw, you should not miss it. For example,

Performing jumps - a good way to help beat off the ball. You must rely on jumping, especially if you want to hit the ball before it bounce back after hitting the Earth, if you want to hit it with the bottom or upper side with greater accuracy or when you want to overtake all other players and become the first. One to get in touch with the ball. You can make single or double jumps, and the choice of the correct movement should be based on the current situation (do not rely only on double jumps).

An experience

Other interesting ways of obtaining experience are the protection of their goal (especially if it is saves or epic saves), hitting the ball so that it falls next to the line of the gate of another team, and being the best player of the game (you will receive this award if you
Matches in Rocket League cannot complete a draw). If after the expiration of the 5-minute limit will be draw or if none of the teams scored a goal, the match is automatically extended.

The game has a "golden goal" rule. This means that the team, the first scoring goal for a long period of time, wins the whole game. Do not let the pressure of the golden goal hit you and not change suddenly your style of the game, because in the end everything can go wrong as planned.

The game allows you to save repetitions of completed matches. You can do this by pressing a definite key / button when the game displays the match summary. As soon as you do this, you can return to the main menu - select "Add-ons" and then "Repeats". View repeats can be a good way to learn the successful moves of other players or explore your own errors.