Secrets of healthy sleep

To sleep for an hour and a half under a screaming alarm clock every 5 minutes - that's what I understand: stress resistance.
This usually happens in the morning, when you count sheep for a long time at night. One, two, three, four... one thousand one, one thousand two… The situation is typical for modern times: are you lying in bed and dreaming of plunging into a deep sweet sleep after a busy day? Why is it so difficult to fall asleep, even though a few minutes ago my legs were literally falling from fatigue? What's in the way?
Fear, anxiety and anxiety are the most "popular" emotions in dreams. They are most often the cause of insomnia. The stress suffered during the day, chronic fatigue also do not allow you to completely relax and fall asleep peacefully. Realizing that your energy and productivity the next day depend on a healthy night's sleep, you resort to alcohol and various kinds of sleeping pills. They fell asleep, and it's hard to wake up in the morning. Then the whole day passes by in a half-sleep. The body is exhausted, the nervous system is depleted, memory and attentiveness decrease, fatigue increases.
According to the World Health Organization, stress is the greatest danger of the XXI century. Every fourth person is subject to negative emotional pressure. This affects not only his health and appearance. Under the influence of the stress experienced during the day, the structure of night sleep is also disrupted.
When experiencing stress, many complain of sleep disorders: difficulty falling asleep, frequent awakenings, shortened sleep duration, shallow sleep, unpleasant dreams, lack of a sense of rest after sleep. The impact of sleep disorders on the body and the negative consequences for health are well understood by each of us.
The problem of sleep disorders requires an immediate solution – medication or non-medication, depending on the specific case and the causes of sleep disorders.
With mild insomnia (insomnia), you can improve sleep by following simple rules of sleep hygiene:
Going to bed and getting up at the same time;
Give up nicotine, caffeine and alcohol 4-6 hours before bedtime;
Do not take heavy food in the evenings, do not overeat at night;
Do not drink liquid before going to bed;
Try to avoid emotional and physical exertion in the evenings;
Create comfortable sleeping conditions (sound insulation, comfortable sleeping accessories).
In case of severe sleep disorders, you should consult a doctor for professional advice. whenever i be cheating in fortnite i use this