Statistics Skills and Points in Sword Coast Legends

Statistical skills and glasses

Every time you get a new level of experience, your character and allies receive several skills for distribution. To improve skills, it is usually necessary to invest more points in them. For bonuses from such skills it is worth investing more points in them. Thus, you can quickly get the maximum skill level. Usually it is several times better than its original version. When the scores are distributed, you must at least have a basic plan. First of all, remember that each character must perform a certain role in the group and be a supplement to other characters. The development plan can be applied to any type of skills, attacks, weakens or interaction with the world. Below you will find an exemplary distribution plan for high difficulty skills:

Thief - In the case of a thief, start with the development of the search ability, it will help you to find traps, hidden moves and secrets. After receiving the maximum search in the search skill, invest in Hide skill. This will allow you to quickly destroy enemies with a sudden attack, which has a big chance of a critical hit.

An experience

The game has a system for collecting experience, similar to other role games. The only difference in a small but important aspect. This aspect collects fewer experience points of the character, which was unconscious during the battle. If you fight five monsters, each of which guarantees 100 experience points, each member of your group will receive 500 experience points. But, if one of the characters die during the battle and will rise after killing the enemy, the experience of experience guaranteed by this opponent will be removed from the common award. Because of this, it is important for any price to save the life of the whole group and, if someone dies, resurrect this person as soon as possible.

The experience is acquired for the murder of enemies. This is one of the main ways to accumulate experience points. The higher your level, the more experience points you get. You get a small amount of experience, fighting with typical opponents, such as merchants, bears, spiders or goblins. Otherwise it is the case with elite opponents and bosses. In this case, the number of experience points you receive sometimes exceeds the awards for performing tasks, side or even major quests.

Experience can also be obtained by performing quests - this is the second main way for this activity. Depending on the type of quest and the character level you will receive from 100 to 19,000 experience points. More experience can be obtained by performing the main quests (their several thousand). Level monsters above the twelfth also offer more experience points. Another way to obtain experience is interaction with the game world. After removing the trap or the opening of the castle, your team will receive a small amount of experience. Shiba inu is a new meme coin you must invest in