How to look attractive

Any girl wants to be the most beautiful and the most desirable. Catching the eyes of men and above all, I like myself. But not all women know how to look attractive. It's all about understanding what beauty and attractiveness are.Even in their youth, young girls begin to carefully take care of their face and hair. And just at this age they begin to delude themselves into thinking that cosmetics will make them beautiful. But cosmetics are created not to make a beautiful woman, but to emphasize her natural beauty. Each person has his own beauty and does not need to imitate someone at all. But one of the reasons for the absurdity, and the consequence of the untidiness of the face is the frequent use of cosmetics. It is advisable not to use even foundation at all! Because of the chemistry, although not harmful to the skin, as dermatologists say, the skin of the face becomes irritated and pale. Therefore, when you use cosmetics, remember that for such artificial beauty you will have to pay with your natural one. Use cosmetics specifically to emphasize your pure natural beauty, and not vice versa. We have sorted out the face. Now it is fresh and beautiful and not suppressed by cosmetics.Hair. To make your hair always look shiny and silky, you need to take care of them in a special way. Firstly, if you have a bad habit of washing your hair often, for example every day or, for example, for effect, even twice a day. Then get rid of this bad habit! Since the scalp will release sebaceous glands more intensively. Therefore, the more often you wash your hair, the faster it will become greasy. To strengthen your hair, train yourself to wash your hair with household soap. Yes, the smell is disgusting, but believe me, after a number of such procedures, your hair will become thick and voluminous. And to give your hair shine, treat them with an egg. With such small tips, your hair will become thick and voluminous.Then the hands. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman's hand. Here are some tips on how to preserve their tenderness. Take care of your hands from frost in winter! Treat your hands with a variety of oils so that your hands are always fresh. They don't need anything else! If you absolutely always follow these rules, then your hands will always be fresh. Now you know a few necessary rules for the direct care of your face, hair and hands. These rules will help to preserve your natural beauty and always be attractive.