How to choose high-quality bed linen?

The advantages of bed linen affect the process of restoring the human body during sleep. Comfortable and comfortable linen contributes to healthy and full-fledged night relaxation and, on the contrary, bedding with low product performance worsens sleep. Therefore, you need to know how to choose quality bedding.

Bed linen quality indicators

1. Air permeability and hygroscopicity of the tissue canvas.

2. Strength and stability to washing.

3. High-quality staining. Subcase synthetic dyes In addition to an inesttic form after a single wash, have a negative impact on human health: when the painted underwear with the body can cause an allergic reaction.

Characteristics of cotton, linen and silk linen

Family bedding sets made of cotton fabric are most in demand.

In the manufacture of a web for different technologies, several types of textile products are obtained: sieve fabric, satin fabric, batter, hawk, biomatin. These materials differ from each other properties, including surface density.

The durability of linen depends on the strength of the weave of the threads: to five hundred weaving threads per 1 square centimeter - the highest quality indicator. However, for the cotton canvas, an indicator of 60 interlacing per square centimeter is a good option.

Cotton fabrics perfectly absorb moisture, comfortable and wear-resistant. To increase the strength in cotton fabrics add polyester. This leads to a static electricity when contacting the skin, sticking to the body surface, which significantly reduces the qualitative characteristics of linen products.

Sets made of silk fabric are the perfect choice for full sleep. Silk underwear is not crushed, durable and durable, pleasant to the touch, aesthetic. But due to its very high cost, it is not demanded enough to be in demand among the mass consumer.

Bed linen made of flax. It makes frequent machine washing and thermal processing. Despite the harsh texture of linen from flax very attractive from an ecological point of view and provides high-quality healthy night sleep.

When choosing a linen, it is necessary to estimate the density of the tissue, consider the seams (linen seams should be with a double line and placed inside), check the threads that are sewn the product. It is important to assess the smell. High-quality underwear has no synthetic odor, the saturation of the color of the product should not be sharply different from its invented side.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the laying of linen. Producers of high-quality goods never s