How are things going for the companies with a Swedish gaming license?


Since the new Gaming Act came into force on 1 January 2019, and the requirement for a gaming license was introduced to operate on the Swedish market, almost 100 companies have been licensed. But how are they really doing? Have the various players in the market succeeded in maintaining the standards set and what measures has the Gambling Inspectorate been forced to take to ensure that the set guidelines are followed? If you want to choose the best casino, then go to the review casino site

The gambling companies with a license

At the time of the introduction of the new Gambling Act, 56 gambling companies had managed to obtain a licence. However, from time to time there are new casino sites that have received a Swedish gaming license and at the moment there are a total of 97 gaming companies that are licensed in Sweden. 70 of these are issued for online gambling and/or betting. 

Considering how much advertising you see from different casinos and how often new pages seem to appear, 70 licensed players may sound a bit much. However, there are significantly more legal gambling sites in Sweden than companies with a gambling license, which is due to the fact that the companies have the right to launch several sites under one and the same license. Some of the companies have, for example, over 10 registered online casinos.

Notes and Warnings

Since the introduction of the new Gambling Act, the Gambling Inspectorate has issued a total of 29 remarks , warnings and penalty fees. 

Most of the penalty fees that have been issued have been due to betting on matches with excessive numbers of underage participants. According to the law, betting companies may not offer bets on matches where the “predominant proportion” of players are younger than 18 years. The restriction exists to reduce the risk of minors being influenced to manipulate results. 

Otherwise, it is mainly violations of bonus rules that have led to warnings and penalty fees. It is not permitted for betting companies to offer the player a bonus beyond the first time they play.

Also lack of control vis-à-vis has led to several warnings, as well as penalty fees.

Revoked and revoked licenses

There is only one gambling company that has had its Swedish gambling license since the introduction of the new gambling law. One of the main reasons for the revoked license was that players had been allowed to spend sums that far exceeded their deposit limits.

In addition to the revoked licence, five different companies have chosen to take back their licences. 

On the whole, the introduction of the requirement for a gambling license for operations in Sweden can be considered to have gone well. It could have been a bumpy transition from the state's gaming monopoly to the regulated market we have today, but apart from a few missteps (and a major crime), the introduction of the law and the license has been relatively painless - not least for consumers.