Genopets: the world's first NFT game with a "walk and earn" concept

The blockchain-based cryptoworld is an amazing reality filled with possibilities. Meet Genopets. Genopets game is a new player on the market and the first game with non-exchangeable tokens (NFT) that extends the scope of the meta universe. It not only develops the brain, but also stimulates physical activity, contributing to the overall well-being of players.

What is Genopets?

Genopets game is the world's first free NFT game with a "walk and earn" system that perfectly blends the concepts of "walk and play" and "play and earn". Genopets game is based on Solana blockchain and makes active lifestyle fun and profitable.

Genopets game combines step count data from players' mobile devices with the blockchain economy, rewarding users with cryptocurrency for traveling through the Genoverse meta universe and other real-life activities. In Genopets, players don't just take care of their totem pets and get rewarded for it, because the game encourages users to take care of themselves in the first place.

How do in-game Genopets work?

A Genopet is a procedurally generated NFT, a digital totem animal that can be bred, bred, developed and made to fight. A Genopet will be your totem animal, which means you'll need to put a piece of your personality into it to create it: the same as taking a regular personality type test. This approach allows you to create a truly unique totem animal that reflects your personal uniqueness.

Not to worry if one genopet isn't enough for you, because you can assemble a whole collection of pets, buying them on the market or developing them with your own hands. A genopet's life has four stages: infancy, youth, maturity and mystical stage. Gene-crystals can be used to accelerate a genopet's growth, and the non-linearity of genopet evolution creates an infinite number of variations. Complete daily step-by-step challenges and evolve your genopet by customizing its attributes, increasing its level and stage. For more information about Genopet, visit

Game Mechanics

Unlike games that limit users with paid access, Genopets game gives equally compelling gameplay to both paying and non-paying players. To understand why, let's first look at the game's core elements: genopets, purified crystals, and habitats.

Players can buy a mature genopet on the market or create a small one for free. To maximize earnings in Genopets, you will need habitat. Purchasing a habitat opens up the player's daily income $KI, as well as the ability to create crystals and other in-game NFT Genopets. The higher the habitat level, the more $KI the player earns, and the more crystals can be created, and therefore more NFTs that can be sold.

Players who do not use paid benefits are encouraged to “farm” experience points (XP) in daily tasks: jogging, dancing, cycling, and many others. XP are used to increase the level of genopets, which can then be sold on the market.

Final Reflections

Given the promising premise, Genopets game deserves the hype surrounding it. By introducing a “walk and earn” mechanism, Genopets game refreshes the NFT: it provides a parallel whereby users can level up and evolve with their virtual pets in the real world. Genopets game is a fun way to get in shape and earn money at the same time.
So it's time to grab your phone, put on your sneakers and get outside with Genopets today. Your brain will thank you for the endorphins, and your wallet will thank you for the cryptocurrency.