What is dermatophytosis?

Dermatophytosis is an infection caused by a fungus. The disease occurs in the form of lesions on the skin, including folds (under the arms, toes) or on the scalp.
These inflammations often affect the patient very much, cause a desire to scratch, and in rare cases cause final hair loss. The disease is treated after consultation with a dermatologist, using ointments or lotions applied locally.


What is dermatophytosis?

Dermatophytosis is a fungal infection based on filamentous fungi located in keratin (our skin, nails, hair). The infection manifests itself in both humans and animals and is contagious.

The cause of dermatophytosis is a fungus that can multiply very quickly in keratin, on nails, epidermis, hair. It belongs to the family of trichophyton, microsporum and epidermophyton.


Dermatophytosis is treated after consultation with a dermatologist. The doctor makes a sample on the area affected by ringworm to confirm or not to confirm its fungal origin.

Risk factors

Hand-to-hand sports (wrestling, martial arts), swimming pools, public baths, as well as pets (cats, dogs, rodents) are risk factors.

Symptoms of dermatophytosis

Dermatophytosis leads to very noticeable damage to the skin or scalp.

On the skin

A sick person has red-pink ring-shaped marks on his skin, very noticeable. Infection can also occur in the "folds" of the body: under the armpits, between the toes or between the thighs.

On the hair

When this infection occurs on the scalp (head, beard) this can lead to complete hair loss.

On the nails

The most common site for dermatophytosis are nails. They are an ideal source of keratin for these fungi. The nail usually acquires a yellowish color.

Treatment of dermatophytosis

The patient should apply ointment, cream or lotion to the affected area to neutralize the fungi present in this area. It will often be necessary to shave the hair that surrounds the affected area.


In addition to the daily use of ointment, the patient can take medications such as Griseofulvin or Terbinafine (usually for 5-8 weeks).
Attention: treatment is contraindicated during pregnancy and in some other cases, be sure to consult a doctor before use. king567 casino apk download