Advantages of online casinos without download

In the recent past you will have noticed that fewer and fewer online casinos offer their casino games for download. Most of the time you don't have to worry about this step anymore, you can play directly in the browser. The advantages of online casinos without a download are obvious. As a player, you can save a lot of time by not having to log in ( and possibly registering beforehand ) in order to enjoy exciting slot machines and classic gaming tables. The question that remains is why most companies are now deciding against the previously popular download. One reason is that the Internet is now so fast that you can play games without jammingcan play online . But the time factor also plays a role.

The advantages at a glance:

  • No waiting times - immediate start
  • All games directly available
  • There is no unnecessary use of hard disk space
  • Access to the entire portfolio - also for Max users
  • Faster entry for beginners

Why do many casinos forego the download

Windows is by no means the only operating system used in German households. Many online casinos , which only a few years ago required software downloads, stated: “ We are losing thousands and thousands of customers who work with MAC and similar systems. “Since the casino software is usually designed for Windows, customers who do not have a Windows PC are left behind. At some point the idea came up to offer some of the games directly in the browser without downloading them. It is clear that the trend is going more and more in this direction. After all, why should a Mac user register for 20 games at a casino while the software is being installedoffers a lot more choice? In order to win more customers, the operators had to rethink. The result is that there are hardly any casinos that require a download at all. Of course, one of the reasons for this is the fact that in times of modern technology, games run quickly and smoothly online. This means that you can safely save yourself having to resort to downloading software.

What are the advantages of no download casinos?

n addition to the points mentioned above, there are a few other reasons to choose casinos without downloading . On the one hand, you save a lot of time, because the entry into the games you prefer is possible at any time within seconds, for example at the National Online Casino. Plus, you don't have to download each game that interests you individually. The time factor probably plays the most important role here. But even systems with a small hard drive ( which are not used all that often these days ) are a good reason to forego the download and instead prefer to play directly in the browser. Mostly the portfolio is well sorted, so that a long search for favorites is no longer necessary - which you can often even include in your own category.

Another plus point : In casinos without downloading, you run less of a risk of catching a virus. After all, your PC will remain free of any programs that can sometimes be harmful to your computer. Although the industry has become much more serious in recent years , unfortunately there are still fraudsters who promise you a lot and who in the end are only looking for a way to access your sensitive data and documents.

What if both options are offered? As a Mac user you have no choice and can ultimately only use the games available in the browser . If you work with Windows, however, then it's up to you: would you prefer to use the small but fine selection online, or are you looking for as many games as possible that can be individually installed on your PC? If you choose to download it, it makes sense to find out about the company and its reputation in advance. Casino portals and testimonials from real players can be of great help. Since the Internet and computers are now working very quickly, you can safely save yourself the download. The first-class loading timesYou can also experience it in the browser - without running the risk of infecting your PC with viruses. In fact, casinos without download are no longer inferior to their counterparts.