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On the Pulse of Legislative Proposals: Governmental Actions Tracked by Newest Member of SAN Staff

My name is Neal Billig and I recently joined the SEMA government affairs office as its legislative research manager. My role is to work with the SEMA government affairs team to identify, analyze and monitor legislation and regulations. In this role, I'll be helping to advance the SEMA Action Network's legislative interests across all 50 states. As you may know, thousands of bills are introduced and debated in statehouses each year across the country. I'm at the front lines of identifying those that will most severely impact the automotive hobby.

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Shortly after finishing their Mustang build, Lance Baroldi and son Steven both won awards at a local car show. In fact, the two were placed in the same category. Lance explains, "He wound up with the Spectators Choice for the Mustang and I wound up with Mayor's Choice with my '46 Hudson pickup. It was a great feeling to share this honor with my son.

Lance Baroldi knows the importance of keeping our hobby alive through cultivating the next generation of auto enthusiasts. He is among those doing his part to spread the goodwill. "My family and I have always enjoyed going to local car shows to see all the beautiful restored classics and hot rods," he recalls. "We're lucky enough to spot cool rides cruising down the streets daily!" He credits the dedicated efforts of the SEMA Action Network (SAN) membership for helping preserve this passion for cars moving forward all over the country.

Growing up on a Southern California dairy, pickup trucks were a part of Lance's life from the beginning. He says he always appreciated the looks and functionality of early trucks. "When I got the go ahead from my wife to start a project, I set my eye on a local '40 Ford pickup. After asking and brothering the owners for weeks, I gave up on that truck and started searching the Internet. One day, I came across a picture of a Hudson pickup and knew that I had to find one. Further searching brought up a '46 truck in Arizona—so my eleven-year-old son, Steven, and I went on a road trip to check it out."

The Baroldis were successful in their quest for the pickup. "At first, my wife was questioning what I was getting myself into with the project. But after a three-and-a-half-year restoration, we were all quite pleased with the outcome." In fact, both Lance's son and daughter each helped with the transformation. "I think I burned them out when sanding it down to bare metal, but I think it planted the 'classic car seed.'" In fact, his daughter Michelle later asked to be driven to her high school graduation in the Hudson.

After a few years, Steven made a request that really put a smile on his dad's face: he wanted buy and restore the family's classic Mustang. Lance explains that his niece had bought and stored the car at his mom's house for ten years. However, she never did anything with it. Once acquired, the Mustang took less than a year to restore. It became Steven's daily driver for his senior year of high school. Lance says, "I am very proud of him and what he had accomplished."

He now dreams of getting a 1959/1960 convertible for his next project—with the blessing of his loving wife, of course. "It would be so cool to have everyone in the car, top down and cruising the boulevard." Here's hoping you're able to obtain that wish, Lance. In the meantime, keep on sharing the four-wheeled bug with others!


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