West Virginia Bill to Create Additional Opportunities for Off-Road Recreation Vetoed by Governor

Legislation (S.B. 28) to empower two or more contiguous counties to form regional authorities to establish new recreational trail systems and management programs tailored to the needs of their communities was vetoed by Governor Jim Justice after being approved by the West Virginia House and Senate.  The bill would have required that these authorities work with private landowners, county officials, community leaders, government agencies, recreational user groups and recreational entrepreneurs on these initiatives.    
In his veto statement, the Governor claimed, “Unlimited and unrestricted State sponsored recreational trail development would create an environment where you might increase total ridership, but actually decrease economic development by spreading those riders and visitors over a much larger geographic area. Before private capital will be brought to the marketplace in support of a recreational trail system, a density of trail ridership must be demonstrated and sustained over a period of years to warrant the investment.”
Thank you to those who participated in supporting the bill.