For more than a decade, the Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio program has been a trusted automotive mainstay for many among our community. The show’s formation began rather humbly: “It started with a need to find car shows,” co-hosts Captn’ Bob and Arlo explain. “We bought some time on a local radio station and simply read car show flyers. After a few years, and thousands of car show flyers, we started getting noticed from other car enthusiasts across the globe. Apparently, we made them laugh with our stories of getting lost, troubleshooting car problems and descriptions of the characters we met. Then we were asked by local and national car lobbyists to discuss governmental threats to our car hobby and industries. Our show became the ‘Voice to the Hot Rodder.’ Our mission was to educate and motivate car enthusiasts to act as a collective voice.”


Additional Background


Thankfully, the team at Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio have also been long-time supporters of SEMA’s advocacy efforts. On-air segments about the latest news from SEMA have been generously made with guest appearances by staff throughout the years. Most recently, Captn’ Bob and Arlo hosted an interview with the director of the SEMA Action Network (SAN), Colby Martin. For this round, key interest lied in learning more about several current topics—here is the link. First, context and background surrounding the new SEMA Individual Membership program. Growing concerns in the hobby about the potential phasing out of new gas-powered vehicles were also addressed. 

Special thanks to everyone at Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio for the opportunities to reach your growing audience—we’re grateful for all your help with spreading the good word!  Here’s to many more years of enjoying our hobby together…