"As a car enthusiast, I like to give my vehicles a unique identity like an art canvas—whether I am crawling through rough terrain in my '97 4runner or cruising in the '04 350z," explains John Chuechareun. Like many upgraded rides, both vehicles are still ongoing projects. After many years of absence—since 2008—John hopes to go back to Willow Springs International Raceway to take out the 350z on a few courses. "As for the 4runner, I am more of an off-roading type of person than a camping person—for the adrenaline rush," he adds. "I know there are many adventures waiting, as I plan to give camping a try in the future."

"I support the fact that the SEMA Action Network (SAN) welcomes all types of automotive demographics and helps pave the road for the automotive future laws. They keep us up-to-date on proposed laws and seek justice for unfair laws. SAN is the voice of reason for the many and together we can all speak as one for change."

Additional background:

  • What projects predated your current rides?

In 2002, my first car was a 1990 Toyota Corolla custom widebody sedan. It was modified on air bag suspension along with a custom Honda Accord front and Subaru WRX rear conversion. Then I got into drifting between 2003 – 2008, going through three Nissan 240sx vehicles. I held many events at Willow Springs International Raceway during those times and met many other car enthusiasts along the journey.  Eventually, I bought a second-generation 4runner in 2010 then moved onto a Toyota Tacoma PreRunner.

  • Favorite automotive memories?

Attending the Long Beach Grand Prix in the late 1980s as a kid was where it all began for the love of motorsports.  Another inspirational event was taking an auto mechanic class in high school where an assignment was to take apart an engine completely then rebuild it back to life.

  • Which vehicle tops your wish list?

A first-generation Hakosuka Skyline GT-R (1969-1972) and a 1984 Toyota 4runner.

  • Why is the annual CCAD celebration important?

Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD) is the annual holiday our government recognizes to raise awareness of celebrating the classics of the past and the future. Also as important, the occasion is more than just a gathering of automotive enthusiasts—it is an opportunity to embrace society by giving back. Whether by a donation, holding a fundraiser, or supporting a charity, there are so many ways to give back on behalf of our hobby.

  • Why should others be involved with the SAN?

The SAN keeps us updated on unfair automotive laws and voice our stance to protect our hobby. The more we act together, we show our presence. The SAN helps us to be heard through collective support.