Nevada Legislature Passes Compromise Legislation to Amend Hobby Vehicle Registration

The Nevada legislature passed a bill (AB 349) that amends the registration eligibility requirements for Old Timers, classic rods, and classic vehicles. Under the proposal, the owner of each vehicle would be required to maintain a collector’s insurance policy to register. The bill was approved on last day of legislative session and now awaits consideration by Governor Steve Sisolak for final approval.

As enthusiasts in Nevada are well aware, the legislature has made multiple SAN-opposed attempts to restrict these vehicles. In 2015, the legislature passed a bill that would have removed a rolling age requirement for registration, preventing vehicles newer than 1996 from ever receiving special status. This bill required a last-minute veto from the Governor to prevent it from becoming law. Similar efforts were made in 2017 and earlier this year to impose in-person odometer checks to enforce mileage restrictions.

Nevada is not alone in attempting to limit a variety of collector vehicle registration classifications. Why? Put simply, the designations have been abused by non-enthusiasts. As vehicles become more reliable, the population of older cars on the road has grown in recent years. This has resulted in motorists using these designations on vehicles that have no business receiving them. This is problematic as it’s a blackeye for true enthusiasts, equates to lost revenue for each state, and provides a loophole to avoid emissions checks. 

We recognize that this proposal may not be popular in all corners of the hobby, but we believe it represents a reasonable compromise that will limit abuse while allowing true enthusiasts to still enjoy their passion.

The SAN encourages enthusiasts to respectfully make their opinions known on this issue. To do so, please click here to contact Governor Steve Sisolak:

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What AB 349 will do if signed into law…

  • Requires owners of Old Timers, classic rods, and classic vehicles to maintain a collector vehicle insurance policy.
  • Clarifies that while Old Timers, street rods, classic rods, and classic vehicles may not be used for “general transportation,” car club activities, exhibitions, parades, tours, and maintenance are exempt from this definition. 

What AB 349 will not do if signed into law…