Nevada Bill to Restrict Hobby Car Registration Vetoed by Governor


Nevada Bill to Restrict Hobby Car Registration Vetoed by Governor

Citing the opposition of SEMA and the SEMA Action Network, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval vetoed legislation (A.B. 326) that would have altered the requirements for vehicles eligible for registration as classic vehicles, old timers, street rods and classic rods so that only vehicles manufactured prior to 1996 would be eligible.  In his statement rejecting the bill, the governor noted that it “. . . unnecessarily penalizes true Nevada car enthusiasts who

might seek one of these plates for proper reasons.”  The veto was also supported by several Nevada lawmakers who were contacted by the SAN after the Legislature approved the bill.

While claiming to be targeted at current “abusers” of specialty plates who registered their vehicles under these designations to avoid emissions testing and fees, the bill instead targeted owners of 1996 and newer cars that are not even currently eligible for classic status.  In seeking the veto, the SEMA Action Network committed to working with the Legislature going forward towards enacting fair legislation that will target the real offenders and not true collector car owners who had done nothing to deserve this heavy-handed approach.

This veto represents a huge victory for the collector car hobby.  Thank you to all who participated in opposing this bill.