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Tag and Title Toolbox Updated for 2017

Everything You Need to Register and Title Your Vehicle


To register and title a vehicle in any state is a daunting task. When the unique laws and regulations governing hobby vehicles are factored in, the process can be a nightmare! The SEMA Action Network (SAN) sought to reduce the confusion in 2010 by creating the Tag & Title Toolbox. This online resource contains the information needed to license cars and trucks in all fifty states: www.semaSAN.com/TagAndTitle. Individual entries for each state include full registration and titling provisions, inspection criteria and other requirements as well as exemptions. Being that uniform terms for “specialty” vehicles are not shared across the jurisdictions, a simple glossary of definitions is included at the top of each state’s document. This one-stop shop also includes key administrative forms used by each motor vehicle department.

The webpage has been fully updated for 2017 and is posted live. Of course, the information is subject to change. Please consult the statutes and regulations for states of interest to ensure the accuracy of the information. Details can be found at www.semaSAN.com/TagAndTitle.