San Diego resident Bill Colford is counted among a huge number of disappointed car and truck enthusiasts in California.  An overwhelming response was received by the community earlier this year requesting action on a bill to exempt motor vehicles manufactured prior to the 1983 model-year from the state’s emissions inspection requirement.  His vintage Corvette (pictured here) falls under the current law, which says all vehicles model-year 1976 and newer must undergo biennial emissions testing.  “I have owned my Corvette since it was new in 1978 and it has never failed a smog check,” says Bill.   “Like most vehicles falling into this small group, it is well maintained and used as a collector vehicle.  I drive it less than 200 miles between smog checks!”  Not surprisingly, this has not been the first proposal in recent years attempting to revise the state’s emissions exemption to benefit our hobby. 
When not cruising or showing the ‘Vette, Bill also promotes the restoration of the Honda 600 two-cylinder cars from 1968-1972.  He maintains a website,, as well as the Honda 600 Group, for "a group of people that are committed to sustaining the Honda 600 craziness."  He created the free online resources to post “reliable technical information, the location of mechanics that ‘know’ these cars, restoration information and assistance and places for ‘hard-to-find’ parts.”  Notably, the site’s Honda 600 Roster of Owners identifies those located in one's own area.  Additional information and links from the world of Honda Mini cars, including facts and history of the Honda 600, can be found as well.
Many thanks for weighing in with lawmakers on the emissions topic, Bill!  Additional support for the measure will be sought statewide for success in the future.