“It’s important that we preserve the history of our automotive roots for future generations to enjoy,” explains Don Wirick.  He bought his first Mustang back in 1975 for $100.  “My father wanted me to buy a ‘68 Oldsmobile—but he decided that I should have the Mustang.  That purchase changed the course of my life.  I went on to become a certified mechanic.” 
“My life has revolved around the automotive industry,” Don adds.  “I have seen a lot of changes over the years.”  He was a certified mechanic of Oldsmobile, Honda, DeLorean and even Yugo automobiles.  “I was never certified as a Ford mechanic—but I did a lot of work on my old Mustang!”  The beautiful vintage 289 pictured here is his current ride.
“I have contacted legislators several times to ask for their support with our collector car hobby.”  Don became involved with the SEMA Action Network (SAN) years ago after learning about the cause at a cruise.  “I have been honestly surprised by the responses that I’ve received.  I feel that if more people can get involved and contact their legislators, we can show a solidarity.”
Well spoken, Don—way to “pony up” on behalf of the Hoosier State’s car-loving community!