Stephen Sabotka built this traditional ‘29 Ford hot rod in the 1940s-style.  Goodies include a legendary “flathead” V8 sporting aluminum heads, a “two pot” manifold, ‘39 transmission with LaSalle gears, ‘40 juice brakes, ‘39 wheels, and ‘32 grill with shell.  “This car was a rebuild of the original car—I had the Model A title and original pictures of the car when it was built in the ‘40s,” he says.  He also used most of the original parts.  “After I finished, I put it in the basement of the Autorama show since the car was in primer.”  While some might consider it “unfinished,” Stephen nailed the early look with this time machine!
Additional background:
Favorite automotive memory?
I remember my older brother had his friend take me for a ride in the 1960s.  He had a ‘40 Ford coupe painted black with an Olds mill and a ‘39 transmission with LaSalle gears.  It left a mark: I actually bought a similar car!
How do you celebrate Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD)?
I always try to drive my old car for CCAD.  Even though I live in the “Motor City,” I can’t always find any events nearby on that day.  I’m hopeful for this year…
Why is the SEMA Action Network (SAN) important? 
I keep up on the legislative side of our automotive hobby as a member of SAN.  Everyone should be involved—otherwise, we might lose it.