"If it weren't for my dad, Donnie, I wouldn't have the passion, interest or knowledge of this industry,” Dave Gambaccini explains.  “My father taught me everything I know and love about cars.”  He proudly says he grew up with a "racing" dad.  “In the ‘60s, he used to race 1/4 mile drags at New England Dragway in New Hampshire while skipping school."  Donnie's most fierce car was his '67 GTX 440 according to Dave.
Additional background:
Can you describe a major automotive achievement?
I'm lucky to have been part of the painfully long, full frame-off restoration of my dad’s 1965 Chevelle SS project.  At one point, all he had was essentially his ‘barn’ (a 30' x 30' concrete block garage)—where he lived—with a couch and a TV.  The Chevelle was always on the lift and he lived under it, through New England winters and all!  I literally grew up in the barn building cars, trucks and construction equipment.  After nearly 30 years of frustration and defeat, we share an overwhelming sense of accomplishment to have finally completed and now regularly enjoying dad's Chevelle.
Which ride is pictured above?
“Willy” is my 1932 Willy's Overland Knight, 6-90, 4-Door Sedan.  It became a Street Rod in 2015 with a reworked, '58 283 c.i. Corvette engine, 700R4 transmission and Ford 9" rear end.  Cars are meant to be driven; I drive mine every day it's not raining in the Spring/Summer/Fall.  Now, I have a young family and they love going to car shows in Willy.  I use a ratchet strap to hold their car seats in the back—they love going for drives.  I'm excited to pass every experience I've ever had down to my kids: from working on the cars, learning how to identify them simply by the headlights, taillights, body lines or badges, to learning the history of the sport and respecting the industry.  I'm hopeful I can share my passion with them and maybe they’ll decide the industry is as exciting and interesting to them as I found it to be, all because of my dad!
What’s been your experience with the legislative process?
What I find most surprising about legislative efforts is the amount of personal replies I receive from my lawmakers.  It literally takes me less than three minutes to personalize an email, add the bullet points and then hit "send."  Some don't reply, but lately, I received a personal reply from at least half of the lawmakers I emailed regarding a single, rear, license plate in my state.  Everything from a quick "I'll support this" to a "thank you" from the lawmakers who are also auto enthusiasts and support the efforts of SEMA.  They suggested that it's "nice to know that there are local enthusiasts who still bring the efforts of the sport to our state."  It is so rewarding to know that my voice, my opinion and my efforts have an impact.