West Virginia Bill to Provide Special Plates for Collector Vehicles Approved by House; Moves to Senate


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  • H.B. 4168 provides for the issuance of special plates for use on collector vehicles and allows for the transfer of the special plates temporarily between the collector motor vehicles owned by the collector.
  • H.B. 4168 defines a “Collector motor vehicle” as a motor vehicle that is more than 25 years old and is owned solely as a collector’s item.  These vehicles may not be used for general transportation and may only be used for:  (1) participation in club activities, exhibits, tours, parades and similar events; (2) for the purpose of testing their operation, obtaining repairs or maintenance and (3) recreational purposes over weekends, beginning on Friday at twelve o'clock noon, and ending on the following Monday at twelve o'clock noon, and on holidays.

Overview:  Legislation (H.B. 4168) to provide for the issuance of special plates for use on collector vehicles and allow for the transfer of the special plates between collector vehicles owned by a collector was approved by the West Virginia House.  The bill will next be considered by the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.        


West Virginia Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee 

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