Bill Reintroduced to Protect West Virginia Hobbyists from Unfair Exhaust Noise Citations


Legislation (H.B. 2127) that would allow West Virginia’s vehicle hobbyists to install and use aftermarket modified exhaust systems that meet a 95-decibel limit was reintroduced in the West Virginia State Legislature by Delegate Gary Howell (   Current West Virginia law only allows a muffler originally installed by the manufacturer or an equivalent.

Contact members of the West Virginia House Roads and Transportation Committee (List Below) to request their support for H.B. 2127

  • H.B. 2127 would remove subjective provisions in the law and force compliance with an objectively measured standard.  Under the standard, exhaust noise could not exceed a sound reading of 95-decibels under a fair and predictable test.
  • H.B. 2127 would benefit consumers, the aftermarket industry and police officers who are charged with enforcing the law.
  • H.B. 2127 would remedy the enforcement policy currently used by police officers in which nearly all exhaust system modifications are considered illegal, even where noise levels are not excessive or unusual.  This policy leaves enthusiasts, exhaust system manufacturers and dealers without recourse.
  • H.B. 2127 recognizes that aftermarket exhaust systems are more durable, are designed to make vehicles run more efficiently without increasing emissions and offer increased performance, which can make a vehicle safer by improving its ability to merge, pass, travel uphill, etc.
  • H.B. 2127 challenges the erroneous assumption that enthusiasts who equip their vehicles with modified exhaust systems are involved in illegal street racing.

DON’T DELAY!  Please contact members of the House Roads and Transportation Committee  immediately by phone or e-mail to urge their support for H.B. 2127.  Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald at  Thank you for your assistance.

West Virginia House Roads and Transportation Committee

To e-mail all Committee members, copy and paste the email address block below:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Delegate Margaret Anne Staggers (Chair)
Phone: (304) 340-3197
Delegate Linda Phillips (Vice Chair)
Phone: (304) 340-3163
Delegate Daryl Cowles
Phone: (304) 340-3177
Delegate Marty Gearheart
Phone: (304) 340-3179
Delegate Anthony Barill
Phone: (304) 340-3173
Delegate Brent Boggs
Phone: (304) 340-3220
Delegate Linda Longstreth
Phone: (304) 340-3124
Delegate Dana Lynch
Phone: (304) 340-3916
Delegate Justin Marcum
Phone: (304) 340-3126
Delegate Daniel Poling
Phone: (304) 340-3137
Delegate Doug Skaff
Phone: (304) 340-3362
Delegate Margaret Smith
Phone: (304) 340-3123
Delegate Dale Stephens
Phone: (304) 340-3395
Delegate Josh Stowers
Phone: (304) 340-3337
Delegate David Walker
Phone: (304) 340-3135
Delegate Danny Wells
Phone: (304) 340-3287
Delegate George Ambler
Phone: (304) 340-3129
Delegate Jim Butler
Phone: (304) 340-3199
Delegate Scott Cadle
Phone: (304) 340-3118
Delegate Joe Ellington
Phone: (304) 340-3172
Delegate Paul Espinosa
Phone: (304) 340-3130
Delegate David Evans
Phone: (304) 340-3151
Delegate Danny Hamrick
Phone: (304) 340-3141
Delegate Gary Howell
Phone: (304) 340-3191
Delegate John Shott
Phone: (304) 340-3187