Committee Will Not Take Action on Washington State Bill to Increase Fees for Collector Cars and Horseless Carriages

According to House Transportation Committee Chairperson Judy Clibborn, legislation (H.B. 1134) to require annual renewal fees for collector vehicle and horseless carriage license plates will not receive committee consideration this year.  As you are aware, under the bill, the initial $35 license plate fee for these vehicles would have remained and a new annual $30 renewal fee would have been added.  Under Washington law, a collector vehicle is any motor vehicle that is more than thirty years old, while a horseless carriage is defined as a vehicle that is more than forty years old.

Representative Clibborn indicated that the legislation was introduced in response to concerns that people were using vehicles registered as collector cars on a daily basis and avoiding fees.  

On behalf of the SEMA Action Network, thank you to those who wrote letters and made phone calls requesting opposition to the bill.