Virginia Senate Bill to Exempt Antique Vehicles from Exhaust System Restrictions to be Considered on Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Virginia Senate Bill to Exempt Antique Vehicles from Exhaust System Restrictions to be Considered on Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Senate legislation (S.B. 702) to exempt antique motor vehicles from the requirement that they have exhaust systems of a type installed as standard factory equipment, or comparable to that designed for use on the particular vehicle as standard factory equipment will be considered by the Senate Transportation Committee on Wednesday, January 21, 2015.  The bill would also exempt antique vehicles from the requirement that exhaust systems be “in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual levels of noise.” 

Please Contact Members of the Senate Transportation Committee (List Below) to Request Their Support for S.B. 702

  • Under Virginia law, an antique motor vehicle is every motor vehicle which was actually manufactured or designated by the manufacturer as a model manufactured in a calendar year not less than 25 years prior to January 1 of each calendar year and is owned solely as a collector's item.
  • S.B. 702 remedies the enforcement policy currently used by police officers in which nearly all exhaust systems not of a type installed as standard factory equipment are considered illegal.
  • S.B. 702 recognizes that factory replacement parts or comparables are not always readily available for antique motor vehicles.

DON’T DELAY!  Please contact members of Virginia Senate Transportation Committee by phone or e-mail to request their support for S.B. 702.    

Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald at  Also, please forward this Alert to your fellow car enthusiasts.  Urge them to join the SAN and help defend the hobby! Thank you for your assistance. 

Virginia Senate Transportation Committee

To e-mail all Committee members, copy and paste the email address block below:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Senator Stephen Newman (Chair)
Phone: (804) 698-7523

Senator John Watkins
Phone: (804) 698-7510

Senator Frank Wagner
Phone: (804) 698-7507

Senator Creigh Deeds (Chair)
Phone: (804) 698-7525

Senator Ryan McDougle
Phone: (804) 698-7504

Senator Ralph Smith
Phone: (804) 698-7519

Senator David Marsden
Phone: (804) 698-7537

Senator Jeffrey McWaters
Phone: (804) 698-7508

Senator Charles Colgan
Phone: (804) 698-7529

Senator Charles Carrico
Phone: (804) 698-7540

Senator Barbara Favola
Phone: (804) 698-7531

Senator Kenneth Alexander
Phone: (804) 698-7505

Senator John Cosgrove
Phone: (804) 698-7514

Senator John Edwards
Phone: (804) 698-7521

Senator Jennifer Wexton
Phone: (804) 698-7533