Compromise Virginia Bill Alters Requirements for Antique Vehicle Owners

Legislation (H.B. 2465) in the Virginia State Legislature that would amend the state’s current law defining antique motor vehicles was approved by the House and awaits consideration by the Senate.  Introduced as an attempt to legislate against abuses of the state’s antique vehicle plate, the final bill is a product of compromise between legislators and the vehicle hobbyist community.  While we maintain certain reservations about the measure, after careful consideration, the SEMA Action Network (SAN) believes it deserves your support.
  • 2465 removes the limitation that antique vehicles may only be operated for pleasure driving in a radius 250 miles from the owner’s residence.
  • H.B.2465 permits use of these plates to carry or transport passengers, personal effects, or other antique motor vehicles being transported for show.
  • H.B.2465 requires that applicants for antique license plates show evidence of ownership or regular use of another passenger car or motorcycle.
  • H.B.2465 changes the fee for registration and license plates from $10 to a one-time fee of $50.
  • H.B.2465 prohibits commercial use of vehicles displaying antique license plates.
  • H.B.2465 requires that owners of antique vehicles provide notarized certifications that these vehicles meet safety equipment requirements for the model year in which they were manufactured and allows the DMV to suspend the registration of vehicles registered with antique plates if the vehicle is not properly equipped or is otherwise unsafe to operate.