Vermont Reintroduces Bill to Penalize Some Aftermarket Exhaust Systems


Vermont Reintroduces Bill to Penalize Some Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

A bill (H.B. 166) to ban motor vehicle exhaust systems that increase the noise level has been reintroduced in Vermont.  Under the bill, violators would not pass the state’s required inspection and would be subject to fines.  The bill does not provide an opportunity for vehicle hobbyists to install and use aftermarket modified exhaust systems that meet an objective decibel limit under a fair and predictable test.

We Urge You to Contact House Transportation Committee Members (List Below) Immediately to Request Their Opposition to H.B. 166

  • H.B. 166 does not supply inspectors with an enforcement standard, allowing them to make subjective judgments on whether an exhaust system amplifies the noise emitted by the motor vehicle.
  • H.B. 166 fails to recognize that a better way to address this issue is by establishing a fair and reasonable exhaust noise decibel limit.
  • H.B. 166 ignores the fact that aftermarket exhaust systems are designed to make vehicles run more efficiently without increasing emissions.
  • H.B. 166 fails to recognize that aftermarket exhaust systems offer increased performance, which can make a vehicle safer by improving its ability to merge, pass, travel uphill, etc.
  • H.B. 166 would make it difficult for hobbyists to replace factory exhaust systems with more durable, better performing options.
  • H.B. 166 would subject vehicle owners to fines of up to $350.

DON’T DELAY!  Please contact members of the Vermont House Transportation Committee immediately by phone or e-mail to request their opposition to H.B. 166.  

Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald at  Also, please forward this Alert to your fellow car enthusiasts.  Urge them to join the SAN and help defend the hobby! Thank you for your assistance. 

Vermont House Transportation Committee

To e-mail all Committee members, copy and paste the email address block below:

Representative Patrick Brennan (Chair)
Phone: 802-863-3773
Representative David Potter (Vice Chair)
Phone: 802-438-5385
Representative Timothy Corcoran
Phone: 802-447-0929
Representative Clement Bissonnette
Phone: 802-655-9527
Representative Mollie Burke
Phone: 802-257-4844
Representative Mark Huntley
Phone: 802-228-5774
Representative Curt McCormack
Representative Barbara Murphy
Phone: 802-849-6545
Representative Connie Quimby
Phone: 802-695-2575
Representative Herb Russell
Phone: 802-779-7370
Representative Loren Shaw
Phone: 802-766-5022