Pro-Hobbyist Vermont Inoperable Vehicle Bill Approved by Legislature; Sent to Governor for Signature

Legislation (S.B. 237) to provide an exemption to automotive hobbyists from the restrictions on salvage yards was sent to Governor Jim Douglas for his signature and enactment into law.  The bill seeks to increase the regulation of salvage yards and automobile graveyards in the state, but includes a provision stipulating that hobbyists are not to be confused with the owners of automobile graveyards.  The bill defines an “automobile hobbyist” as a person not primarily engaged in the sale of vehicles and parts or dismantling junk vehicles.  Further, the definition of “automobile graveyard” does not include an area used by an automobile hobbyist for storage and restoration purposes, provided their activities comply with federal, state, and municipal law.

We Urge You to Contact Governor Jim Douglas Immediately (Contact Information Below) to Request His Support for S.B. 237.

  • S.B. 237 would permit repairing or modifying motor vehicles that are undergoing restoration.
  • S.B. 237 would permit maintaining motor vehicles as a source of parts for restoration jobs.
  • S.B. 237 provides safeguards for hobbyists to work on collector vehicles on private property.
  • S.B. 237 demonstrates a real effort by legislators and hobbyists to enact reasonable and fair compromise legislation.

DON’T DELAY!  Please contact Vermont Governor Jim Douglas immediately to urge his support for S.B. 237.  Please e-mail a copy of your letters to Steve McDonald at  Thank you for your assistance.

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