Utah Bill to Provide One-Time Registration Fee for Vintage Travel Trailers Approved by Senate Committee: Moves to Senate Floor

A SAN-supported bill (H.B. 267) to create a statutory definition of a “vintage travel trailer” and provide for a one-time $40 registration fee was approved by the Utah Senate Transportation Committee and now moves to the floor of the Senate for a vote by all members.  The bill has already been approved by the House of Representatives.  Under the bill, vintage travel trailers would also be eligible for a special group license plate and would be exempted from wheel cover, mudguard, flap, or splash apron requirements.  

We Urge You to Contact Members of the Utah Senate (List Attached) Immediately To Request Their Support for H.B. 267

  • H.B. 267 defines a "vintage travel trailer" as a travel trailer, camping trailer, or fifth wheel trailer that is 30 years old or older and primarily a collector's item that is used for participation in club activities, exhibitions, tours, parades, occasional recreational or vacation use and other similar uses.
  • H.B. 267 provides for a $40 one-time fee and would exempt vintage travel trailer owners from any future registration fees. 


DON’T DELAY!  Please contact all members of the Utah Senate immediately to request their support of H.B. 267.  Please e-mail a copy of your letter to stevem@sema.org.  Thank you for your assistance.

Utah Senate

To e-mail all members of the Utah Senate, copy and paste the email address block below:

lrobles@le.utah.gov; bmcadams@le.utah.gov; gdavis@le.utah.gov; pjones@le.utah.gov; kmayne@le.utah.gov; waddoups@le.utah.gov; rromero@le.utah.gov; kmorgan@le.utah.gov; wniederhauser@le.utah.gov; aosmond@le.utah.gov; hstephenson@le.utah.gov; dthatcher@le.utah.gov; mmadsen@le.utah.gov; jvalentine@le.utah.gov; mdayton@le.utah.gov; curt@cbramble.com; pknudson@le.utah.gov; screid@le.utah.gov; achristensen@le.utah.gov; sjenkins@le.utah.gov; jwstevenson@le.utah.gov; jsadams@le.utah.gov; tweiler@le.utah.gov; rokerlund@le.utah.gov; lhillyard@le.utah.gov; kvantassell@le.utah.gov; dhinkins@le.utah.gov; coanderson@le.utah.gov; surquhart@le.utah.gov


Senator Luz Robles

Phone: 801-550-6434

Email: lrobles@le.utah.gov


Senator Benjamin M. McAdams

Phone: 801-618-1946

Email: bmcadams@le.utah.gov


Senator Gene Davis

Phone: 801-647-8924

Email: gdavis@le.utah.gov


Senator Patricia W. Jones

Phone: 801-322-5722

Email: pjones@le.utah.gov


Senator Karen Mayne

Phone: 801-968-7756

Email: kmayne@le.utah.gov


Senator Michael G. Waddoups

Phone: 801-355-1136

Email: waddoups@le.utah.gov


Senator Ross I. Romero

Phone: 801-652-4687

Email: rromero@le.utah.gov


Senator Karen W. Morgan

Phone: 801-708-5122

Email: kmorgan@le.utah.gov


Senator Wayne L. Niederhauser

Phone:  801-558-4766

Email: wniederhauser@le.utah.gov


Senator Aaron Osmond

Phone: 801-897-8127

Email: aosmond@le.utah.gov


Senator Howard A. Stephenson

Phone: 801-972-8814

Email: hstephenson@le.utah.gov


Senator Daniel W. Thatcher

Phone: 801-759-4746

Email: dthatcher@le.utah.gov


Senator Mark B. Madsen

Phone:  801-361-4787

Email: mmadsen@le.utah.gov


Senator John L. Valentine

Phone:  801-373-6345

Email: jvalentine@le.utah.gov


Senator Margaret Dayton

Phone: 801-221-0623

Email: mdayton@le.utah.gov


Senator Curtis S. Bramble

Phone: 801-226-3663

Email: curt@cbramble.com


Senator Peter C. Knudson

Phone: 435-723-6366

Email: pknudson@le.utah.gov


Senator Stuart C. Reid

Phone: 801-337-4182

Email: screid@le.utah.gov


Senator Allen M. Christensen

Phone: 801-782-5600

Email: achristensen@le.utah.gov


Senator Scott K. Jenkins

Phone: 801-621-5412

Email: sjenkins@le.utah.gov


Senator Jerry W. Stevenson

Phone:  801-544-1211

Email: jwstevenson@le.utah.gov


Senator Stuart J. Adams

Phone:  801-593-1776

Email: jsadams@le.utah.gov


Senator Todd Weiler

Phone: 801-776-0062

Email: tweiler@le.utah.gov


Senator Ralph Okerlund

Phone: 435-527-3370

Email: rokerlund@le.utah.gov


Senator Lyle W. Hillyard

Phone:  435-752-2610

Email: lhillyard@le.utah.gov


Senator Kevin T. Van Tassell

Phone: 435-789-7082

Email: kvantassell@le.utah.gov


Senator David P. Hinkins

Phone: 435-748-2828

Email: dhinkins@le.utah.gov


Senator Casey O. Anderson

Phone:  435-275-8903

Email: coanderson@le.utah.gov


Senator Stephen H. Urquhart

Phone: 435-668-7759

Email: surquhart@le.utah.gov

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