Utah Bill to Classify Vehicles 30 Years Old and Older as "Vintage Vehicles" Signed Into Law by Governor Gary Herbert

Legislation (H.B. 221) to allow vehicles 30 years old and older to be classified as “vintage vehicles” was signed into law by Utah Governor Gary Herbert.  Under previous law, Utah reserved the “vintage vehicle” class only to vehicles 40 years old and older.  Under the new law, “vintage vehicles” 30 - 40 years old would be charged a $45 annual registration fee.  When the vehicle reaches 40 years old, the registrant would pay a one-time $40 fee.  Vintage vehicles are exempted from annual emissions and safety inspections.  Utah exempts vehicles manufactured prior to 1968 from emissions inspections.  Vehicles manufactured after that date must be registered as “vintage vehicles” or “customs” to qualify for this exemption.

Thank you and congratulations to all who participated in supporting this bill.