Tell Utah State Lawmakers to Save the Bonneville Salt Flats

DON’T DELAY! Please contact members of the Utah Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Quality Appropriations Subcommittee by February 22nd to request their support for the State of Utah to appropriate $5 million to “Restore Bonneville”:


You may use the text provided at the link above as the basis for your message—feel free to personalize.

Overview: The future of land speed racing at the Bonneville Salt Flats is in jeopardy!  The once 13-mile race track at Bonneville is now less than 8 miles due to salt erosion.  The Utah legislature is considering a 10-year program to dramatically increase the amount of salt pumped onto Bonneville.   You can help restore Bonneville before it's too late.  Please urge Utah lawmakers to help fund the Restore Bonneville program through the State budget.