Texas Adopts Scrappage Program Regulation

The Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC) adopted a regulation to implement a vehicle scrappage program. The regulation will affect vehicle owners in a number of Texas counties. The regulation comes on the heels of a failed effort by the Texas legislature to implement a car-crusher program which was beaten back by a coalition of far-sighted legislators, car enthusiasts, SEMA and SAN members. By adopting this regulation, the TNRCC has effectively circumvented the legislative process, acting counter to the wishes of the Texas legislature and Texas voters.
The scrappage plan was overwhelmingly opposed by SEMA-member companies, local chapters of the Sierra Club and other Texas-based environmental groups, the Antique Automobile Club of America and the American Automobile Association. Many Texas SAN members also opposed the plan. They include members of the Lone Star Street Rod Association, Houston Mopar Connection Club, Vintage Thunderbird Club of Houston, North Texas VW Club, National Motorists Association, TX Chapter and the Plymouth Owners Club, High Plains Region. Even members of the Texas Rangers baseball team opposed the program through its affiliation with the Dick Bosman Street Rod Club (Bosman is the Rangers' pitching coach).
"We are continuing to analyze the program to identify weaknesses and inconsistencies," noted SEMA Director of Government and Technical Affairs Steve McDonald. "If necessary, we will pursue a bill next January to repeal the program before too many vintage and potential vintage vehicles are destroyed."